October 31, 2006

Two Thoughts

Many serious thoughts are conglomerating in my mind, and a thoughtful post is in the works. Until then, I have two irrelevant (but not irreverant) thoughts to share:

1. I watched SNL on Saturday, since I was getting an extra hour of sleep. Not only was it hosted by Hugh Laurie, who is both an excellent grouchy doctor and somewhat humourous comedian, but the musical guest was Beck. In the theme of twos, here are the highlights of his performance:
i. there was a matching marionette band that mimicked the dress and actions of the live performers. brilliant!
ii. for his second number, he played his guitar while his band sat at a table and brought rhythms to life in plates and glasses and tapping feet...it was amazing and wondrous and like being at Stomp again. only not live. and much shorter.

2. My roommate has an old Palm Pilot (a PalmV, I believe) that she no longer uses, but doesn't want to throw it out as it is still good. Since I am her roommate, I am the first candidate for re-using it. So in a week we shall see whether I have become attuned to the wonders of palm-sized technology and organization. Here goes...

October 28, 2006


Tonight is the end of the week. I should have lots of exciting things to say. But right now...I don't. It was a good week. And I am glad it's the weekend. I'm really looking forward to church on Sunday. I would like to find a church to call my own. And a few more friends would be nice too.

I did make a couple of fun jewelry pieces also. I like them. It's amazing what you can do with a piece of shell and some wire.

P.S. Dead mouse on the balcony. Good thing my roommate has a brother. He will take care of it.

October 24, 2006


I've decided to coin a new word, to describe a new class of people. They're a class that is quite widespread in Vancouver, and here is what I mean when I say someone is a "hip-uppie:"

They hold to some of the "hippy ideals" but haven't let go off the pleasures of capitalism. They shop at Capers (a high-end organic grocery chain) and wear LuluLemon and American Apparel (both are fairtrade, N. American manufactured clothing brands) and probably live in my neighbourhood.They may not be married, but probably have 2 children with their partner. What else...Most likely belong to a running club or a yoga group, are spiritual but not religious. The yuppie part of their lives lies in their possessions - the nice condo or even a house!, the car that is probably more recent than 2002, the job in the downtown core. Maybe in a high-rise, definitely a suit-and-tie type office.


Tonight I watched Prison Break. Now that I have a TV, but don't have friends yet to go out with at night, it's easy to sit and relax with the telly. Which is fine. But I've decided that I will not get to the point where I have to watch a certain TV show. That said, these are my top 3 addiction-tempations:
1. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: political, heart-warming and funny all at once!
2. Numbers: investigatory without being gruesome.Plus family relationships are always fun.
3. Prison Break: surprising and tense, Wentworth Miller is also ridiculously good-looking. I almost don't believe it. ALSO Sarah has the same phone as me. At least until she dumps it, since it's DANGEROUS!
4. Poker. Okay, I know I said 3. But I am fascinated by watching poker. I don't know why.


Profound quotes from Wendy B (I love that I get to tag along with her for a few more days).

1. "My prayer since the summer is that I would be obedient to the Greatest Commandment before the Great Commission."
2. [After a story about a wife who asked her husband, "Why do you love me?" He, in an attempt to be spiritual, replied, "No reason. I just do." She became angry and they fought...was there nothing about her that was lovable? If that was the case, why didn't he love someone else? So he could have chosen just anyone to marry?] "The thing about unconditional love is that functionally, we don't want it. We don't want to be loved for no reason. We want to be lovable. We want to deserve love."

October 20, 2006

So Much For That...

After my first UBC weekly meeting last night(non-Asian count: 6), a bunch of us went out for dinner. Of course, everyone had many questions for me...one was, "So how did you finish school already?"

Uhhhhhh. "Cause you're the same age as me: you were born in '85, right?"
Me: "Yup." Darn.

First week and the students know how old (slash young) I am. I was hoping this wouldn't come up until I was established as a leader and authority figure...but maybe it is better this way. Because now I can't hide behind the pretense of being older than I am. And as I'm established, I'll be accepted for who I am, young as I am. I think I'm actually sort of relieved.

This is a corner near my house. Notice how, instead of cutting down the trees, they take out the middles to make room for wires. And you still get the gorgeous look of a tree-lined street. This afternoon, I went for a quick trip down to the beach. Here are a couple of my favourite snaps.

October 18, 2006

More Pictures

Ok, only one picture. My bed. Garnet coloured sheets. Unbleached comforter cover. Can't wait for bedtime.

I conquered the bus today. Yes, I went all the way downtown to the Bay, where I bought linens. Priscilla Presley was about to make an appearance in the linen department to sign autographs and promoter her new line of luxury linens, so I made a fast getaway. Her PR guy needed to shave and he walked funny. Maybe it was supposed to be a saunter?

I like the bus because it is full of interesting characters. On the way downtown, the women behind me were discussing the younger one's need for rehab/detox. She is 35 and didn't want to go back to her group home. As they talked, she said, I just feel so far from the Lord. I just feel so far. To which the older woman replied, What you need is more of the Lord. Then later, on the subject of sleep: Remember, the Lord grants sleep to the ones he loves. Your mind is overtired. I almost cried listening to the deep unrest and need in this woman's life...instead I prayed. And wished I could have done something more.

Virtual Tour

Living Room

Bedroom Window (balcony on the other side)

Desk Nook


Dresser/Bed (closet in the far left corner)

Sorry about the mis-order. Don't know how to fix that. I haven't put my nice comforter on the bed yet. And I'm leaning toward a red with pink undertones for sheets. Don't know where to get them though, unless I go to a local store that produces and sells bedding. Only $50 for a fitted sheet. Another $50 for a top sheet. Pillowcases are a STEAL at $12 a pop.

Quote of the day:
me: When I found out I was coming to UBC, I embraced my Asian-ness and put a charm on my cell phone. Well, I took it off yesterday because it was scratching the phone. But I had it on there for months!
steph: If you were really Asian, you would have bought a new phone instead.

October 16, 2006

On Settling In

Walked around my neighbourhood today and ran some errands. As I’m walking down 4th after leaving Bell World, I do a double take of a girl ahead of me on the sidewalk. There have been several times I’ve seen people I thought for a second I knew, but then I realize, Duh. You’re in Vancouver. You aren’t going to see anyone you know. Well, I proved myself wrong. There in front of me was a girl from Clarissa and one of my Powell classes! Bizarre. She’s from Victoria, I think, in town for a couple days to see her brother and a friend off to S. America.

I went into Chapters and used a gift card for some mad savings – a couple desk drawer organizers, regularly $14.99 each for $.98 – booyah. And a book by Dionne Brand: $32.95 marked down to $4.99. She’s a prof at Guelph and a renowned Canadian author, so I thought I’d give her a try.

Also stopped in Pier 1 and a looked in the windows of a couple ritzy home décor stores. My room is at a standstill until I pick an accent colour. Black furniture, white walls, and a cream/linen colour for my comforter cover and pillowcase. So that leaves ________ for my sheets and an area rug. Do I go warm or cool? Brown shades or bright bolds? Too many decisions.

There are two types of cars in Vancouver. At least in my neighbourhood. One is the vintage-hippy-type car: Toyota Tercels and Volkswagon Jettas from the seventies. The other type is expensive and sleek, of many varieties. I have seen only one minivan that was not a company vehicle.

I love all the independent stores that line the streets. Bakeries, clothing, grocers, home décor…even the chain stores are relatively small. At Home Hardware, there were four aisles, and not enough room for two people to stand and look at items on opposite sides of the aisle. So much friendlier than a massive mall. But it takes longer to find the variety of little things I need. Or, there are only 2 items to choose from (at HH, there was a massive selection of 3 alarm clock/radios). Oh, and the restaurants. I could eat at a different one every day for a year and still not have run out!

I am slightly fearful that my new location and surroundings will make me discontent with what I have. I live in a nice part of town. I’m not used to being 2 minutes from a street of stores, or having 100 channels on an HDTV…neither of those things are wrong, but if I let them become more important than they ought to be – I can see myself becoming materialistic, expecting all these extra niceties and despising or even not noticing the people I sometimes hear going through the dumpster in our back lane.

A Thought on Tears

I haven’t cried in awhile. I haven’t let myself feel much of anything. I’m afraid that once I let in one bit of sadness or sorrow or longing, I’ll be so overwhelmed that I won’t know what to do with myself.

But lately, I’ve found myself fighting tears when I listen to music that speaks of the beauty of God, the riches that wait in heaven, and intimacy with the One who loves me more than I can imagine. There’s a piece of my heart that is so desperately in need of Him. No – it’s not just a piece. It’s the entirety of my heart. Having Him in just one part of my heart is no satisfaction at all.

A couple weeks ago, my friend Alison told me about a revelation that God gave her this summer (Alison, if you’re reading this – I met Stephanie today at church – she just graduated and knows you from Queen’s). Anyway, Alison was praying, asking God that He would be her heart’s Number 1 priority. A prayer some of us have probably prayed many times. But as she prayed, she realized that wasn’t the right thing to be asking. By putting Him as Number 1, she was reducing God to just a number on a priority list – even if He is at the top, he is competing with her family, work, boys, friends, etc…and at any point, Number 1 could become Number 3, and Number 2 could jump to the top…God said to her (I’m misquoting, but this is the gist of it): “I’m so much more than a priority. I’m Sovereign. That means I am over and around your entire heart. I’m a fortress, a strong tower, meant to surround your heart. I am not just one part of your heart, but I encompass everything that is within your heart, like a wall surrounds and protects a city.”

There’s a verse that talks about that in Psalms. I can’t remember where exactly, but it says something like “The Lord camps around those he loves.” God is so much bigger than what we reduce Him to. I’ve pondered the thought often since Alison told me her story. And I want that protection of my heart, that guarding and submission to a God who loves deeply and jealously.

Last week I read a book called “Things Unseen” by Mark Buchanan. I wish I had taken more time to contemplate and meditate on it. I might try to find it this week and re-read it. The main premise stems from Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time, also he has put eternity in man’s heart, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.” [emphasis mine]

Each of us lives with an ache in our hearts that we can’t fill. A desire to go both forward and back. To return to a home that we can never find and to go forward to better days that never fully arrive. We’re homesick for heaven and we catch glimpses of it sometimes. I’ve seen it in the view from the top of a mountain, in a little girl dancing with complete abandonment around her living room, in the satisfying company of good friends, and the solitude of sitting in my room wondering, Is this it? Is there more?

And if, sometimes the longing for someday to be today is overwhelming, if my desire to see face to face instead of in a mirror seems too strong to bear, or I yearn to know fully even as I am fully known, and a couple of tears slip out…well, I’m okay with that.

October 15, 2006


My music is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!? Sigh. This day just went from a six to a TEN PLUS.

From the Cornerstone

It’s funny how the “little” things can make the biggest difference. Especially when those “little” things are related to technology. I am sitting in a café just down the street from my new place where there is free wireless. I came and bought a hot drink so that I could log onto the Internet, post a blog or two, check my email, and try to fix my computer. Apparently, my sound card is not functioning properly and I cannot play anything musical. It is killing me. However, I am writing this in Microsoft Word and not on my blog because my computer can’t seem to get an IP address from the network. If I wasn’t in a public place, I might scream. If I weren’t so dependent on this machine, I might throw it on the ground.

Before I continue ranting and raving, I really should revisit the positive aspects of my move. It started off with a perfect flight – no charge for my oversized baggage, free food for breakfast, half-empty flight meant I got a whole row to myself…Got all my luggage at the other end, took it all to my new place, which is beyond amazing (I was going to post a couple pictures, but with my intermittent internet, don’t think I will yet). I will say this though – not only is my roommate an English Lit major – turned accountant, but she’s fun and friendly too. Her condo is newly renovated and gorgeous. I think my favourite feature is that the heating comes through the flooring. So I never have to worry about stepping out of bed onto an icy floor. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Friday night dinner with my new staff team seemed a bit surreal. I’m so excited, but it amazes me how quickly old insecurities come rushing back. I am reading through a Beth Moore study of Luke, and she talks about Luke 11:21-26: how Satan will try to reestablish strongholds. We can be living in freedom, but he’ll come back and attempt to reestablish his lies and oppression in our lives. We might be free in Christ, but we are never fully safe from Satan’s attacks. I’ve seen that already this weekend.

Saturday was a shopping extravaganza with Wendy. First we picked up a steal of a mattress (there are two streets called Halifax St. in Burnaby, and we couldn’t figure out where this apartment building was until we discovered we needed to be on the other Halifax), then on to Ikea. Oh, Ikea. Displays galore, then cheap lunch (mmm, daim cake), then picking out the stuff I needed: bed frame, desk, chair, magnetic/white board, and duvet cover/pillowcases. I’m still debating on keeping those. The rest are for sure keeps. On the way back, we stopped at Superstore for some Supergroceryshopping. For you easterns, Superstore is like the most massive Zehrs you’ve ever been in times 6. I almost got lost. Thankfully, Wendy helped me find what I needed. Back to my place, unloaded, and I spent the evening assembling furniture. My room is almost assembled. The only things missing are a bookshelf and some art.

See, it’s all good. Except for the rain (four different people at church told me that it hasn’t rained like this in 5 months. I told them all that it beats the snow back in Ontario), and these computer problems. They are currently the bane of my existence. And if it hadn’t rained, I would have gotten to play ultimate this afternoon. The guy who sold me a dresser asked me if I’d like to sub for his team today (we have a mutual friend so it’s not sketchy). But apparently, ultimate gets rained out here. Ironic, since even a snowstorm didn’t stop my game on Thursday night…

Addendum: There is an organic grocery store less than a block from my house. I might check it out tomorrow. I might also attempt riding the bus. And finding a bank. And Staples. Restarting my computer seems to have done it. I am now online. Booyah. Too bad the place closes in 20 minutes.

October 13, 2006


Five degrees for a high today? I'll see this province later...

October 11, 2006

Tonight At 10:15

Kirsten and I are being supermodels. You can tell by the face I am making, and by Kirsten's intense stare directly at the camera.

Kirsten's kitchen sink is not draining, and she likes to boil water in a pot. We talked in deep and meaningful analogies, but right now, I don't remember what they were, so I can't blog about them as I'd originally planned. We also laughed about my favourite scene from the LOTR trilogy, which is actually in the behind the scenes footage. If you own the DVDs and want to watch it, I will tell you where it is found.

I heart Kirsten.

{And I heart that the word heart is becoming a verb. 'Tis true.}

October 10, 2006

"the Other"

"You haven't blogged in...four days!" says my mom at lunch today. It's true. I haven't had much to say, and didn't want to just repeat my last post (I am listening to the song as I write). I've started, and almost finished, packing. I'm wrapping up loose ends, I'm trying to go hard. I've started saying goodbyes. I'm trying to figure out what furniture I need to buy. I'm getting ready to live in Vancouver.

Several people have commented on the different racial make-up of the population in Vancouver. Guelph, I can easily say, is not a diverse community. We are moreso today than when I was five, but still have a long way before we can call ourselves fully "multicultural." Vancouver, I'm told, is "bi-cultural." I'm excited to encounter Asian culture in a new way, but I also feel underprepared to be the minority (I'm told I will be, at least in the ministry on campus) . Wait. That was an obnoxious oxymoron. One can never be "prepared" to be a "minority." Bah.

One of my friends has a link to a site called AllLookSame - on this site there is a test to see if you can tell Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans apart. My friend, who happens to be Chinese, scored a whopping 5 out of 18. I managed to get 7. What this means though, is that I fundamentally do not know the difference between various Asian nationalities. Either that, or there is no such thing as a "Korean" or "Chinese" face.

I am an eager student when it comes to new cultures, but I'll admit that my biggest fear is offending someone in my ignorance. One of my profs (Canadian Diaspora Lit class where we were studying Asian/Canadian experience) drew from her own experiences as a Korean Canadian who has often been mistaken for Chinese. I was relieved on the day she told us that her background was Korean, because I was curious but didn't have a clue - in fact, I had assumed she was Chinese. Oops.

Well, I don't have a nice wrap-up to these thoughts. There they are...This second half has definitely been more theoretical than I'd anticipated. But I'm not going to continue sharing my thoughts re: "race" and "asian culture" - why not?

Because I'm too post-modern to even venture there. As someone in the majority, do I have a right to discuss "the Other?" I confuse and frustrate myself with what is culturally sensitive and what is just being afraid of my own white shadow. I overanalyze how often I am merely living with the constructed frame of understanding that my suburban middle-class white culture has imposed on me. I don't even know how to escape it if I wanted to.

October 6, 2006

Through the Dark

Do you ever hear a song and think, "This is my life!"? Well, every time I hear the song Through the Dark by KT Tunstall, it resonates with me and this new stage of my life.

Today, I got the official go ahead to move to BC next week (as of this moment, I am at 75% support, but am stepping out in faith). After next weekend, I don't know what my life looks like. I am leaving this behind, and stepping into the dark. But it's as beautiful to me as this song. (I highly recommend the entire album)

As I walk away
I look over my shoulder
To see what I'm leaving behind
Pieces of puzzles
And wishes on eyelashes fail

Ohh! How do I show
All the love inside my heart
For all this is new
And I'm feeling my way through the dark

I used to talk
With honest conviction
Of how I predicted my world
Gonna leave it to stargazers
Tell me what your telescope says

Ohh, what is in store for me now?
It's coming apart
For all this is new
And I'm feeling my way through the dark

Trying to find a light on somewhere
Trying to find a light on somewhere
I'm finding I'm falling
In love with the dark over here

Ohh ohh what do I know, I don't care
Where I start
For my troubles are few
As I'm feeling my way through the dark
Through the dark
Yes, I'm feeling my way through the dark

October 5, 2006

3 Events, 3 Thanks

Last night I was going out for dinner with Becky...we walk into Casey's, where a couple of friends are eating, to say hello. As I look around, I catch some fast movement out of the corner of my eye; it is Jess-farq, ducking behind a table...and Vaness - trying to peek over top at me. It takes me a second to realize that it isn't coincidence that they are there (Jess, I know you'd hide from me for fun), but that they are there for me. In fact, there were around 15 people who came to hang out one last time! (props to Paul, for being the only boy, even if your wife dragged you and you were only there for 10 minutes) I felt loved that you girls were there. Especially when you told me some of the things that you appreciate about me. I didn't really want to look at you, because I knew I'd cry, and I like to pretend that things aren't going to change, even though I know they will. Thanks girls, for being amazing friends...Come visit the west coast, ok?

Home for a couple phone calls, then off to T-O with Vaness and Kirsten. We don't get lost on the drive in, we find the Green-P parking, and head off to celebrate Terra's b-day with a free music show! Great music, great company, free sampler cd, and I didn't even buy any food! (shh, don't tell) I love watching musicians peform. When someone is in love with music and good at it, it's a beautiful thing to watch. It can also be amusing, as were db's piano playing rhythms. Such fun girls, such fun times. Especially when Kirsten makes all sorts of outrageous comments in traffic jams: If we're still here in an hour, for sure I'd knock on that truck door and ask for a glug of water. Except I'm in the back seat...Everybody harmonize(to Coldplay's new CD)! Terra - we are going to have mad fun times in Scotland. And thanks for inspiring me to change my layout here.

Shopping fun today with my mom. (Crazy sale at Bluenotes outlet!) For $12.50 I purchased: 3 pairs of flip-flops, 2 pairs of socks, jean capris, khaki capris, and a black t-shirt. Savings: a grand total of $87.50. That's right - flip-flops were regularly $10.50, and I paid 20 cents. Oh, the insanity. If I wore an XS, I could have bought an entire new wardrobe. Also good to spend time with my mom, eat at Mongolian Grill (mmmmm) and just enjoy the morning. Mom, like I said, I'd rather shop with you than alone. Thanks for being my chauffeur and workhorse :)

October 4, 2006


For seven consecutive posts (6 Months Static to Summit Summary) , I used an unusually noticeable word and no one noticed. Well, no one commented on it. I have therefore concluded that one or more of the following must be true:

a) people skim my posts rather than reading them
b) people don't understand the words that I use
c) people don't care enough to point out my overuse of gangly words
d) people think I'm weird enough to do something like that intentionally and you were all waiting for me to get over it

Well, I'm over it. For now.

October 3, 2006

Deep Thoughts

I am not, by nature, a very good contemplative (meaning, I don't often just sit and think about deep things, like why the sky is blue, or how much God loves me, or what happened to the penny that I ate as a child). I like to think about these things, but after about 3 minutes, my mind wanders to some other fascinating and usually shallow topic, and I forget to be meaningful.

Thankfully, my amazing job requires me to not only think about deep things, but to actually study some of the most complex things in the world. Namely, the person of God. And as I process what I've read/realized, I thought that I might share it with all of you readers in the anonymous world of blogging.

John 13-15
God’s love goes to the very end – the “full extent.”
Love prompts service. (13:1)
Love is the evidence of our connection to Christ. (13:34-35)
Obedience is the evidence of our love. (14:15, 24)
Love results in the manifestation of Jesus in/to us. (14:21)
Jesus’ love for the Father prompted exact obedience to his commands. (14:31)
Obedience and abiding with God are tied together, and joy is in the mix too. (15:9-11)
Ultimate love is the sacrifice of one’s life for his friends; exactly what God did for us. (15:13)

  • God’s love for me is extravagant and endless. It sacrifices, goes beyond, never gives up. It heals.
  • If I applied this to my life…I would seek His love with more diligence. I would rest in His love, not looking to be satisfied from broken cisterns.
Sovereignty: Actually, in the KJV/NASB, this word doesn’t appear very often. I’ve therefore concluded that God is not sovereign. Just kidding. What I actually think is that this characteristic is so closely entwined with God's identity as YHWH. And so my word study had more to do with comparing what other versions used in place of the word “sovereign.” It is used 297 times in the NIV: 209 times in Ezekiel!

Psalm 71: 5, 16 – Sovereignty is associated with the largeness of God, a sense of awe
Isaiah 50:4-9 – The Sovereign Lord contrasts with the perils Isaiah is facing; God is bigger, stronger
Acts 4:24 – “Lord, thou art God” – denotes supreme authority, master, again He is large and in charge of the entire world.

  • God is large and in charge. He is bigger than and over everything. He is the MASTER.
  • If I applied this to my life…I would not worry that He has forgotten something. I would stand in awe of his power. I would trust Him more.

Deuteronomy 32:4 – All His ways are justice
Psalm 9:8, 16 – Justice = judging uprightly
Psalm 72:1,2 – Justice on earth is a gift, a portion of God’s justice
Isaiah 1:17-27 – Justice = redemption for the broken
Isaiah 59:4-15 – Without truth and uprightness, there can be no justice: a lack of justice displeases God
Amos 5:7-24 – God prefers justice to external sacrifice
Romans 3:25-26 – Through Jesus, God is both just (in delivering punishment for our sins) and merciful (pouring out this punishment on Christ instead of us)
2 Thessalonians 1:5-10 – God’s just judgement is on hold for the day when Jesus returns
1 John 1:9 – Justice (for God's children) = forgiveness of sins

  • God is fair and upright, and seeks the same thing on his earth. His justice manifests differently for different people and at different times. For His children, justice = mercy, as impossible as that sounds.
  • If I applied this to my life…I would ask for justice in my own life more boldly, and I would seek to live justly, knowing that He prefers a just life to one of external sacrifices.
1 Samuel 2:3 – God is a God of knowledge, and by his knowledge he weighs all actions
Luke 16:15 – Even when we can justify ourselves before others, God knows our hearts
Acts 15:8 – God knows the heart, an important matter when it comes to belief
1 Corinthians 2:9-12 – The Spirit of God searches all things, and through Him we can know God
1 John 3:20 – God is greater than our hearts & He knows everything

  • God knows the details and the inner thoughts that I can’t figure out. But by His Spirit, I can know the unknowable, both about Him and the world I live in.
  • If I applied this to my life…I would trust that God’s decisions are based on a greater knowledge base than I have. And I would ask him to increase my knowledge, that His Spirit of knowledge would reveal truth to me.

Think about that for a minute. Any of it! It's amazing!

Backstreet Boy vs 'N Sync Solo

Sometimes I wonder who is more content, Justin Timberlake or Brian Littrell. They've both come a long way since their boy band debuts.

In ten years, what will their lives be like? At the end of their lives, when they look back, what sort of legacies will they have left behind?

October 1, 2006

WANTED: Single Christian Male(s)

You girls are either going to laugh really hard or kill me after this...

It might be hard to believe, but these lovely girls are available, men. And after an evening of much talking, laughing, and a little picture-taking, I thought I'd do them a favour and write them singles' ads. Since I love to write and know some great guys and all.

We'll go clockwise from the girl in the front.

Steph: S(slightly-brownish)CF seeking SCM for a whole lotta laughter and maybe a little love. Skills include sharing her lime nachos, water-polo, and singing. She sometimes sees angels, and is looking for a man who loves Jesus. Her ideal man wears lumberjack plaid, sweat pants, and has a little bit of scruff. Currently studying Marketing Management.

Taryn: SWCF seeking SCM for wedding next summer. This Psychology student not only sings and makes a mean cup of tea; she also works for a classic Canadian company and has the gift of healing. Musical talent a must - not quite sure what type of man she's looking for, but knows who he

Julia: SWCF waiting for SCM, studying ID in her spare time. Gentle spirit. Likes lifeguarding, people, sitting on her roof at night, and stealing wireless from her neighbours. God talks to her - wants a man who hears from God. Interest in Europe a bonus.

All kidding aside, I love these girls. We've had some great times together (tonight was our first ever "non-spiritual" hangout time!), and they've encouraged and blessed me in many ways. If I can bless them in return by helping them find a godly man, or even giving them a good laugh, I'm more than happy to oblige.

Here we are looking slightly less ghetto-poser.