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Living Falsetto

(an assortment of thoughts)

It is a wonderful thing when expectations end up being exactly what is expected. When what is spoken as an expectation plays out as just that, I am happy.

There is little that I find more joy-giving than a hike in the woods on a sunny day.

As Wendy managed to work into her talk on Friday night, I am not a very weepy person. But when telling someone a story yesterday about a moment when Jesus spoke to me rather clearly, I teared up. It was one of those moments where I felt more deeply than I thought I did, and it managed to make its way out through my eyes. Then it was over, and I wondered, "Is that it?"

Sometimes, I wonder what the intersection is between the psychological and the spiritual. I'm convinced that it's there - not sure I (or anyone) could pinpoint where. I just don't like overspiritualizing or underestimating the spiritual.

I really value the friendships that God has blessed me with. My house and my small group have been possibly the most restful and refreshing relationships I've experienced in such high volume at one time. It's kind of like I have family here. Except that there are no babies. I need more babies in my life.

Middle-aged couples should know better than to be all PDA in coffee shops. I don't care if you're newly in love. If I can hear you kissing & giggling, you need to go home.

I am a verbal processor, and yesterday was great for me. But sometimes I need to be quiet, too.

When you go to massage therapy and the therapist's knuckles crack from working out a knot in your shoulders...I think that means you have a bad back.

Conversations that happen after 11pm have the potential to be highly dangerous or highly encouraging. Last night was the latter. (I think that means the second. I always confuse former & latter.)

Peace is a beautiful thing.

I love my family. A lot. I hope that plays out in how I interact with them this summer.


paulman said…
"My house and my small group have been possibly the most restful and refreshing relationships I've experienced in such high volume at one time."

Even more than living as a student on national project? Because my greatest goal in life is to find a way to recreate the national project healthy community in real, sustainable, post-student life (ok, not my GREATEST goal) :P

Also, former means before. Latter means later. Hopefully that helps you remember. My former life, my former boss, my former spouse, etc.

It's why the Mormons are officially known as the Church of "Jesus Christ" and Latter Day Saints. Actually, I'm not sure why they're known as that, but it must be related to post-New Testament "saint"hood that they believe in.

I hope you're not bored out of your mind by now, because you said you love grammar :D
christy said…
Hi non-stalker :) haha.. grand.. :) Are you on Terra's team? Or another one?? Thanks for liking my blog. :) I get a kick out of it.
Sarah said…
If middle aged couples kissing and giggling bothers you, you might want to think twice about coming home...

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