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Girly Things

Boys, you might not want to read this. Although I have spoken only in the vaguest of details, it may be too much for you to handle.

I finally got fitted for a bra today. After years of guessing and several bra-shopping failures, I went in to a little boutique near my house and spent half an hour trying on bras. It was time (and in the end, money) well spent. Thank you friendly saleslady!

The point is that I was surprised by the results, and once again Perception and Reality have proved combative foes in the Self-Esteem Fight. Every woman should get herself fitted by someone who knows what they are doing and experience the comfort of a well-made bra. I recommend finding a Scandinavian boutique with a big sale on.

In other girly news, there is a current TV commercial that seems to have been poorly researched. On three separate occasions, with three separate people, there has been a What is this?! response, followed by a hesitant statement that the initial mental connection was with Aunt Irma (the Communists, Maintenance, High Tide, first scene in Carrie)*, if you will. The other night, we wondered aloud if there were any women on the production team...a quick internet search revealed that, no, everyone involved (or at least in power) seems to be male.

So thank you; Stephen, Angus, Donald, Gerald, Dale, Christopher, Dex, David and Jens, for taking away any desire I had (which I must say existed) to drink your Red Tea.

*this is a reference to my favourite episode of The IT Crowd


nadine said…
Ah, perception vs. reality. So true. There's a place in Toronto called "Secrets From Your Sister." I've heard rumors of miracles there....

And that commercial made me laugh out loud. Yes, it earned a literal lol. So disturbing. I think I'll stick to non-red. (But thanks for introducing me to The IT Crowd! All Aunt Irma references make me think of you. Uh, sorry about that.)
Beth said…
nadine, since you have no sisters, you should most definitely visit this store. also, have you seen any of the new episodes???? hilarity. slightly more crude, though.
Vanessa said…
The commercial you linked sent me to Tetley Red tea and I actually enjoyed that commercial. Is that the commercial you were referring to?
Vanessa said…
Hm, it would appear that you DID mean to link it.

OOOOOh. Red. Gotcha. It's all coming together for me now. I was more paying attention to the animals and general African theme. :) That song I liked too! Perhaps it's geared to people like me. :D
Stefanie said…
Hello, just wanted to say that I quite enjoy reading your blog. I only recently started reading it and figured I'd rather not be a blog stalker :)

Stefanie (friend of Mindy A.)
Karen said…
I got fitted for a bra about a year ago, and definitely agree with your recommendation to do so. Before that I just thought it was normal to have falling bra straps or to have my bra ride up all the time.

+1 for well-fitting foundation garments!
hiukei said…
agree with you Beth!!!
i was always too shy...but last year...when i went for bra shopping, the sales lady were so kind and friendly and she found the perfect measurement for me! i only wish i could have met her earlier!!

and the CM!!! GOSH!!!!!!!!!!><
Beth said…
vaness: yes, that commercial...i love the music too, but the red is too much. maybe once i've borne a child i'll be able to handle it :)

stefanie - welcome!

karen & hiukei: hurrah, indeed. also, do you know that the two of you have the SAME birthday!? yup. i haven't forgotten!
Sarah said…
Vanessa, I'm glad I'm not the only woman who enjoyed the music and thought only of animals and tea :)
It's My DLu! said…
thanks for ruining that commercial for me.

i would not have thought of what i think you're referring to had it not been for that.

so thank you.

Beth said…
dlu - you were fully warned... so you're very welcome.

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