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The Voodoo Room

The dream started out with the two of us walking into a store. It was also a cafe/club, and I found the owner behind the counter. I smiled and gave him my CD, saying we'd love to play a show sometime and here was my album so he could hear what we sound like.

"Any chance you can play tonight? Our band just cancelled on us..."

"Yeah! Well, we're not exactly dressed for it - don't you need to hear us first?"

"Right. Yeah," he seemed a bit distracted, "I will take a listen. Why don't you two just take a look around the store?"

We wandered around and I spotted a table of hoodies and reached out to touch a light blue and brown one. "Ooooh, if we get this gig, I am buying this hoodie. I love it!"

We wandered around until the owner came back to us...we were a go.

"But I need a hair elastic. And some make-up..."

"Oh," he said, "No problem. If you just head into The Voodoo Room, there's extra makeup in there. I'm sure there'll be a hair elastic too."

"The Voodoo Room?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah, right over there," he pointed and I realized that a sign hung over an open door, declaring in red letters The Voodoo Room. I thought to myself, That's a crazy creative name for the bathroom.

Inside, sure enough, there was some random make-up. My friend started getting ready and so did I. It was like a bag of all the collected leftover make-up from the past five years, yet it didn't bother me. I sorted through and found a great black eye-liner. No hair elastics though...I had to settle for a piece of string. Which was fine, since my amazingly wavy and long hair looked great no matter how I wore it.

We were putting on the finishing touches when I saw the reflection of two guys walk in. Oh, I thought, it's a co-ed bathroom. They stopped right behind us, and one of them made some sort of pick-up attempt. I glared at his reflection, my fully-unimpressed-look-of-coldness telling him to back-off and stay put. I may have said something along the same lines. He laughed and smiled to his friend, then back at me.

"You better be careful. If you're going to be a musician, you need to know who you're talking to before you start..."

I replied with something along the lines of, "Psshh, as if."

Just then the owner walked in. "Oh, I see you've met the band - these will be your back-up guys..."

My face dropped a little, and I caught the cocky one grinning at me in the mirror. They left and my friend went too. I put on my eyeliner.

Walking out of The Voodoo Room, they were ready to start. As I walked up, I sat in front of the guitarist and pianist. My friend and I both held mics, and I realized a few things simultaneously:
1) I was part real-me and part dream-character.
2) Real-me didn't know what we were about to sing. But dream-me did.
3) The other girl was my mom. Not my actual mom, but someone else who was my mother.

We started singing, and I discovered that I was the back-up vocalist. I knew the harmonies, and when to hum. We started off with our first song.

Apparently we were awful. Two songs in, the audience was almost booing us. My friend/mom was oblivious. Real-me was confused. So were the musician guys.

After the third song, the owner took a mic and said, "Great, thanks, folks! We'll just take a break and then have a band change..."

My mom got off her chair and headed back to The Voodoo Room, content with her performance. I turned around and took an available guitar, saying, "I'll just sing one song first."

Real-me was thinking, What the heck is going on? while dream-me knew exactly what would happen. I started strumming the guitar - D, G, C - no! D, C, G (Real-me hasn't played a guitar in three years). The pianist started accompanying me.

I opened my mouth and sang. It was a lovely acoustic song. Simple, catchy, universal. Lyrically almost-predictable, but actually fresh and sweet. By the last chorus, the whole cafe/club was singing along.

I smiled and thanked them, and took off my guitar as the owner walked up to me.

"What happened!??!" he asked, obviously trying to understand the transformation. I took his hand and led him into The Voodoo Room.

I realized, suddenly, that I was wearing a completely different dress. It was lovely - strapless, cream-coloured, knee-length, lace overlay...

In The Voodoo Room, there were couches and chairs (like those half bathrooms/half lounges at a fancy restaurant). The owner sat on the arm of a chair and I stood close to him. We looked over and noticed my mom asleep on one of the couches.

Real-me thought, This is like in the movies. It's one of those pre-kissing moments.

Dream-me started leaned in to whisper in his ear. I didn't want to wake my mom..."I am so sorry about that...but you see, my mom has two dreams in life. One is to marry a pirate. The other is to be a rock star. I usually bring her with me to drop off my CD, but I end up lying about when I get gigs...because I know she's terrible. But when you invited us to play right away...I couldn't say no to her. She's my mom - I have to let her be a part of this."

He looked at me. We were still close-talking. "That is the sweetest thing I think I've ever heard," he said. Real-me thought, This is bad news.

I woke up singing my amazing acoustic song. The tune and the lyrics to the chorus were catchy enough to survive my transition to the alert world. But an hour later, I coudn't remember anything more than, "Even when you're gone.....(something something) song." Which is somehow not quite a number one hit.


MLW said…
Hmmmm? A couple lol's and I wonder what some one who analyzes dreams would have to say about this?
Katie V. said…
A songwriter in your dream? cool. All I did in my dream last night was buy cocaine (didn't get to use it though haha). Apparently your brain works harder during sleep than mine does!
Laura J said…
see how bold and flirty 'dream you' is?!!
steph said…
you remember a heck of a lot in your dreams!
Beth said…
mlw: i think they would say that i want to be famous and beautiful and i am afraid of hurting my mother's feelings ;)

katie: please tell me about your cocaine dream!?

laura: yes, but notice how real-me was perplexed and shocked the entire time?

steph: not always. but sometimes. unfortunately, this time not the song! i could have made millions...
nadine said…
I've had the song dreams too! They're so frustrating. Because I know that if I could remember the songs, I'd be some super-songwriter with Grammys on my shelf.

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