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Bonus Round: Hello Kelly

I have never been a groupie before, but it is fun. (and I'm talking about the platonic version of groupie-dom, because "easy" has never been a word used to describe me.)

For our annual Christmas adventure (can we make adventure an annual thing, Nadine?), my "life-twin" and I went on a roadtrip to Orangeville for a concert.

This is what I have to say about the concert in general:
  • I haven't been to a church-concert since John Reuben in 2002, I think. (I now feel an urge to dig that CD up and burn it onto my laptop. He was so fun). Being at a church concert brought back memories of high school, and waves of relief that I am ten years past the height of horribleness.
  • I'm too old for concerts. Or my ears are too sensitive. They are still mildly ringing, and I may be speaking in a slightly raised voice today.
  • I don't like being alone at public events/venues unless I am on a mission and in motion. Standing around between bands, I just didn't know what to do with myself (I felt it would have been more awkward to make an unnecessary bathroom trip like I did at junior high dances). I wanted one of the "cool kids" to come over and say, "Hey, you look new. Nice to meet you." Apparently this part of high-school-me is still the same.
  • Nadine's friend Francy can really rock out.

More on Francy*:

Francy is (in) a band called Hello Kelly. He's been kicking around the music scene in southern Ontario for awhile, and is on the brink of taking it bigger. Have you ever met someone and thought, I just really want them to succeed! He's that sort of guy. So when he asked us if we were going to join them for post-tear-down food, I shrugged and said, "Sure!" I'm not good at mingling with lots of people I don't know, but Nadine is a good partner in adventures, and Francy is a good includer, so it wasn't hard to have fun. So much fun we closed out the food & drink joint.

Back to the music. I remember and recommend these songs:

a) Simple Love Song

I don't get the puzzle pieces, but it's so sweet.

b) Paper Bag Princess - official music video coming soon!

How can you not like this song when it is based on the best children's book ever, and is about someone who shares your name?

c) Cavalry - at least I think it's not "Calvary" as this video has titled it.

I found this one lyrically lovely.

I also really liked the story behind a new song. My old housemate Manuela is also a fantastic musician, and we've talked a couple times about the ins-and-outs of the Christian music scene. It's not always pretty. So when someone suggested to Francy that his songs would sell more if he put Jesus' name in them, he had to process & respond to this. The result is called "Your Name in Vain." It's on their Myspace page if you want to listen.

I like making new friends, especially once you pass over the awkward introduction threshold, and especially when they have artistic skills. I may have said this before, but I love the arts.

And if you liked any of those songs, you should go see him on his Intensity in Ten Cities Tour. Support musicians.

*Francy, if you read this and are creeped out at my praise of you, I will call in this favour; I taught you how to get rid of the hiccups, which left you indebted to me. Then I blogged about you. Now we're even.


hellofrancy said…
I'm blushing! Seriously, what a fantastic shout out this was and I really appreciate it.
Rock show and hot fudge sundae included, hanging out with you guys all night was my favourite part of yesterday.
I shall now subscribe to your blog and hopefully stay in touch?!
PS ... Which of the Sk88 guys do you know?
Nadine said…
I love that my friendship worlds collided yesterday! So much fun.

And YES to the annual Christmas adventures, Beth!

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