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Back in BC

For the second time this summer, I am back in the beautiful province of British Columbia. I very much like this place. And I very much think I will quickly get used to living here.
Mountains: check
Sunshine: check
Ocean: check
Bugs: nope

I also think I will quickly get used to working in this ministry.
Great people: check
Great teaching: check
Great opportunities for me to grow: check
Great games/fun times: check

Tonight, I'm mostly happy with my life. I'm learning the secret of being content...that even though I will freely admit I am in process and far from arriving, that is okay. I don't have to get down on myself for not yet being perfect. I don't have to reach the standards of someone else (imaginary or real standards), and I don't have to try to prove to God how good I'm becoming.

I'm just me. Imperfect, often self-centred, Jesus-hungry, people-loving, in process, grace-covered me. It doesn't mean I stop working or doing or growing. It means I stop looking t…


I'm not a huge video game buff. I like them every once in awhile, and in a social setting, I'll sit down with some guys (or girls) and have a round or two of Mario Kart or Goldeneye. But I realized this weekend there is only one video game I'd ever care to own or attempt to master: Dance Dance Revolution. [thanks Sarah Primmer and DP for reintroducing me to it] Not only is it full of sweet tunes (and random non-English hits from Asia), but it's the only active video game. If I played it for 15 minutes a day...I'd be in shape in nooooo time. Plus it's hilarious to play in a group. The look of concentration, the flailing arms, the inability to feel the rhythm of a song...what could be more entertaining? It's a good thing I don't own an X-box, because I'd probably buy DDR.

And once I bought it, I'd practice incessantly. I'd hide out, determined to master it on standard. (at this point, I do alright on light. standard is a sure fail) I probably w…

Not Much to Say

Totally vain note: I googled my name today, and was intrigued to see the lives of my namesakes: TV news anchor (in Vegas!), personal chef, b-level actress, executive director of the Missouri Bibliographic Information User System, radio reporter, biology teacher, assistant prof of research physical therapy, skills workshop co-ordinator, artist, family and personal injury lawyer, spa owner, senior academic advisor, Salvation Army STEP literacy group co-ordinator, and my personal favourite, a fictional character (in a blog entry) who kissed jacob kellerman many times.

Do you ever have an itch to say something, but have nothing to say? You want to call someone, but would run out of words after "hey." You want to write a blog or a song or communicate in some way to someone. But there's nothing to say. You're just communicated out. Sigh. I can't even add any thoughts on the other "Beth Fishers" out there.


Sometimes other people act as great excuses or licenses to behave in certain ways. For example: you've been dying to see a new movie, but could never own up to it because you are a boy/girl and boy/girls don't like this "type" of movie. Well, a girlfriend/boyfriend is the perfect excuse to watch it. Or take the 6' + man who is lying in a kiddie pool in his backyard. This is weird, right? Not if he has a two year-old daughter. Otherwise, yes. Or the university student who is making a snow angel in the middle of the park. You think they're a nut - until you notice the five-year old beside them.

This week, my grandparents have given me reason to do two socially unacceptable but actually quite enjoyable things.

On Sunday afternoon, I watched, for the first time since it came out on a double-VHS set in junior high, the one and only Titanic. I know some of you are already groaning. I was bracing myself too. But, if this is how my grandparents want to spend quality ti…


This is not the title of my blog. The title of my blog, Not With Ink, has two meanings. One is spiritual, the other technological.

The obvious meaning is that I am keeping a record, but I'm not keeping it in ink. As I noted on my other blog (which may soon become obsolete), my brain thinks faster than I can write with a pen, and so I like that I can keep up with my thoughts on computer. Well, almost. I am a fast typer, but not that fast.

The deep meaning to my blog name: I love writing. And I love learning. Last week, I received a letter from the U of G inviting me to apply for graduate scholarships and encouraging me to continue my education. (I say this not to brag, but because it's part of the lesson.) This was exciting; I'd love to go to grad school. But I've already committed to the ministry I'm now a part of. What to do?

Later, my dad mentioned another of his coworkers who had been impressed with the writing I did last year for the student newspaper. They, and h…


I am trying to decide if I want to switch my blog to this site.

Mitigating factors:
*the ability to tamper with my settings. I can make this page look however I want
*the ability to upload photos easily
*the loss of continuity should I change over
*the extra effort required to access this (as opposed to my msn space)
*deciding whether this will be a ministry, personal, or combo blog
*knowing anyone can access it. this is both a pro and a con

You will be glad to know that I decided against the blog address/title of obfuscatorymeanderings. I would have found it funny for a month or two. Few others would have, I'm guessing. Another post, should I decide to keep this site, will explain why I chose the name I did.