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Music for Many: Gentlemen of the Road

Last weekend, I (along with 30,000 others) went to Simcoe for a music festival. Yes, thirty thousand.

It was fantastic. I have a lot of thoughts that are not-quite-music-related, and I will likely (possibly) write another post about those.

But first, I'd like to talk music! The Gentlemen of the Road tour headliners were, of course, fantastic. Edwarde Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros put on a trippy hobo show. I can't help but think their lead singer would have been an itinerant back-country revival preacher in the 1920's. Mumford and Sons brought the proverbial house down. I assume you've all seen or heard some of their songs, so there's no need to post any here.

I would, however, like to introduce you to a couple of bands you may not know.

First, it is important to note that there is a difference between country music and bluegrass music. If you've got a hate-on for country, I would plead with you to give bluegrass a chance. Maybe start by watching O Brother,…

An "Alive List": Email Excerpts

I've got more email excerpts for you.

This may become a series! Ok, this is totally an informal series. If you want to email me and have a profound conversation*, maybe I'll ask if I can post a piece of it here, to bring others into the dialogue.

Here's the set-up:
I was alarmed to realize today that I don't know what really makes me come alive. I need to think on this more, because there must be a number of things, and I should be doing those things, but I feel like I'm not really doing much that I get excited about.... Some days I'll just feel inspired to do stuff, and on those days it feels like everything is what I was made to do: cycling, dishes, work, conversation, cooking, art, hiking, improv, anything. But I wish I knew more clearly what makes my heart come alive... do you know for yourself? Do you ever get into this with your SD**? Does this question seem important to you? I'm thinking about it a lot at this moment, so it feels very importa…

3 Hippie Habits I've Recently Adopted

This will come as no surprise to many of you; I'm slowly turning into a hippie.

I don't often blog about these things, because who wants to hear about my personal hygiene and cleanliness strategies? Also, when I read other posts about amazing DIY projects, I roll my eyes and scoff - nothing I make looks that pretty!

BUT, when I find something fantastic, I like to tell my friends. And I believe in living simply, minimizing processed/strange/chemical goods in my life, and saving money. SO. Read on, if you like, or skip over, if you prefer.


Last year, there was my natural-hair-care experiment. While I didn't stick to an all-natural, home-made products after it was over, I have made significant shifts. For one, I only wash (shampoo) my hair every 5-7 days (every 3 showers). On other shower-days, I "co-wash" - mix a small amount of baking soda with my conditioner, work it into my scalp, and rinse well. I also use a leave-in conditioner, and hardly use gel (although …

Endangered Species: Anthem for the Day/Week/Month/Year

Can't get enough of this song:
I am an endangered species 
But I sing no victim's song 
I am a woman 
I am an artist 
And I know where my voice belongs

(First heard on So You Think You Can Dance; I adore Jasmine.)

Cycling in Toronto: That Girl

I have been a grown-up urban cyclist for almost a month (maybe more?). I'm amazed at how easily I've fallen into it, how quickly I've become THAT GIRL.

that girl with chain grease on at least one (if not both) shins at all times. How will my wardrobe survive in the fall??that girl ringing her bell loudly as she passes a recently parked car.that girl on the sidewalk going up the big big hills.that girl in the clunky helmet because WHO CARES ABOUT FASHION. that girl occasionally sneaking the wrong way up a one way street.that girl madly peddling to make it through a yellow light. that girl with the pannier full of vegetables from the farmer's market.that girl carrying a bag of groceries precariously over her shoulder.that girl who wears her helmet in the grocery store because I'm not an octopus with enough hands for everything.that girl whose butt is constantly slightly sore, whose quads cramp occasionally from this new repetitive exercise.that girl cycling in a skirt…

Reading in 2013: The Sacred Journey, Sinners Welcome, Time and Materials & MORE!

I'm reading faster than I'm writing these days, so here is a snapshot of May-July's books:

The Sacred Journey by Frederick Buechner. A fantastic spiritual memoir that my friend Aimee lent me back in October. I delayed reading it, because I knew I wouldn't want to finish it. Then I read it slowly and in pieces, and I loved it. Here are my 3 favourite excerpts:
 Listen. Your life is happening. You are happening. You, the rooster, the clock, the workmen, your stomach, are all happening together. A journey, years long, has brought each of you through thick and thin to this moment in time as mine has also brought me. Think back on that journey. Listen back to the sounds and sweet airs of your journey that give delight and hurt not and to those that give no delight at all and hurt like Hell. Be not affeard. The music of your life is subtle and elusive and like no other - not a song with words, but a song without words - a singing, clattering music to gladden the heart or turn …