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Conversations with Nadine (round 1)

Talking about nicknames that don't go over so well...
me: "So, I'm hanging out with my friends Bonners & Nads... (pause) You know, in a sentence like, that an apostrophe makes a big difference."

Discussing a delightful mutual friend...
her: "She once told me that the reason men are scared of tampons is because they think that's their territory."

On the power of Want...
me: "If want counted for anything, I would get that job."
her: "If want counted for anything, I'm pretty sure I'd be married to Toby Penner with Amy Grant's career."

Modern Family & Hip Parents

Last week I watched the pilot episode for Modern Family. This made me LOL. And I never say LOL.

I also loved the Lion King moment, but can't find a clip of it on youtube... But in conclusion, I am definitely watching the rest of the season.

Music Triggers Memories

I didn't listen to a lot of music from mid-May to mid-June. I was too...emotionally sensitive. But now that I'm back on my feet (I think), I am also back to being my own personal DJ.

On Friday, I purchased Platinum Hits 2000. For $1.50 at Goodwill. It contained a few gems I knew I needed and a surprising number of unexpected and unknown songs. Before you check out the songlist, I dare you to try and guess some of the 17 platinum songs from Columbia Records that year.

I'll give you one.

Savage Garden's Crash & Burn.

I learned the sign language from this video at a sleepover. We watched it over and over and over. And over. I loved them. And I love the memory of a great girly night with one of my longtime friends.

Other great songs from Savage Garden.

I Knew I Loved You

I Want You (aka Chica Cherry Cola)

The Animal Song

Truly, Madly, Deeply - this song was always meant for karaoke. LOOK at this video!!

Wow. I feel 15 again.


I might have lied in my last post. I forgot about this song from the Biffy Clyro album, that is by far my favourite. And not remotely sad...okay, maybe it is? I'm not sure I fully get the song. I mean, I get it. But not all of it.

And now you can hear for yourself.

I Like Depressing Songs Best

Back before Cuba, I bought 3 new albums, based on a series of recommendations and sound samplings:
Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions (thanks to Sarah)
Parachute - Losing Sleep (thanks to Steph)
Foxy Shazam - Foxy Shazam (thanks to Francy)

I'm enjoying them all, although they're very different from each other. Foxy Shazam is reminiscent of the 80s, with a singer who sounds a fair bit like Freddie Mercury and over-the-top but incredibly catchy instrumentation. Biffy Clyro is a hard-hitting Scottish rock band that I would describe as "strong." And Parachute is...well, they're more acoustic. Pretty boys who sing ballads that wow the girls. But it totally works.

Anyway, I've had a hard time picking my top song for any of these albums. I go back and forth depending on the day, often influenced by my mood. But I always end up back at these three, which, when you listen to the lyrics, are really quite sad.

Parachute - Losing Sleep

(a very close second place goes to She is Love

All Things New*

New apartment. In an old building.

New roommate (as of next week).

New phone. It is sleek and slick and has a touchscreen. It looks like this:

New number. (email me if you don't have it yet - or text my old phone)

New job. Coming soon. (I hope!)

New couch. Sleeping on it tonight!

New bedroom furniture, also coming soon... at least I've decided on the colour scheme, which is a huge step forward from earlier this week!

Old friends being made new again...

A new life in a new city... who knows where things will go from here!!!(can you tell that today I am feeling hopeful and joyful?)

* The title alludes to this song, which I know I've shared 600 times. Here it is for the 601st time:

Grampie's Favourite Cookies

Last summer, I offered to bake cookies for my Grampie. I used my old roommate Wendy's recipe for the most magnificent chocolate chip cookies known to mankind.

They were a smashing success, and every time I am home, he recruits me to bake another batch. The best part is that I can personalize them every time. Sometimes they're straight-up chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes they're butterscotch & milk chocolate chip cookies. Today, they were semi-sweet chocolate and walnut cookies.

Here's the recipe. Thank you, Wendy, for making my family happy.

3/4 c. butter
1 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. white sugar
1 Tbsp vanilla
1 tsp soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 c. flour

Chips/nuts/etc as desired

Cream butter & sugars. Add liquid ingredients. Stir. Add dry ingredients. Stir. Add chips.
Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes.

Because I Know You Care

It feels to me that I haven't blogged in forever.

In reality, it's been 5 days. 3, if you count the cheating post of a photo.

Things that have happened since Monday:
- I applied for an apartment.
- I applied for some jobs.
- I played Mad Gab. - Safe hemp rye fat try on!
- I (we) got the apartment.
- I went to visit my Grandma.
- I went to a Father's Day BBQ and listened to an amateur ladies' chorale group.
- I went furniture shopping and felt overwhelmed.
- I bought a sofa. With pull-out couch, for all who plan on visiting. (*cough* Laura *cough*)
- I bruised myself in the repacking of the van with said couch.
- I rode on the floor of the van, squished tightly between Mom and Grandma, leaning back so cops couldn't see me (on Grandma's advice).
- I went to a wedding. I helped my friends with their three little ones. I caught up with some university friends.

In and around all this, I have done a lot of praying. I have tried to stop myself from doing much thinking, because thi…

Light & Shadow

Originally uploaded by bethaf. I really like this photo - the lilac seems so triumphant to me. I love the sky, I love the shadows under the lilacs. I like that looking at this helps me remember how lilacs smell.

It is a good reminder that although today is rainy and dreary, yesterday was beautiful.

Tadpoles, Anyone?

Back in grade 5, we did a unit on the river. I remember coming down to the river to take samples of water, test the water temperature, and do some other sciency things. I also remember that my teacher, a rather petite woman, stepped into a spot on the river that was deeper than her hip-waders, effectively making her pants into a pool. I believe the same unit had us watching as tadpoles turned into frogs in a tank at the back of the classroom.

This afternoon, I walked the same stretch of river. And lo and behold, there is an immense tadpole nursery. After watching for a little while, it kind of made me gag. BUT if you know any children (or teachers) looking for tadpoles to turn into frogs, I know exactly where you should go.

Respect the Process!

"Hey!" I interjected, pointing my finger lazily.

I was curled up on the couch with my head on one friend's shoulder, interrupting her sister, who sat across from us on another couch, sprawled out beside our fourth friend & hostess.

"You have to respect the process," I finished.

She laughed. Not because this was particularly funny, but because I was paraphrasing advice that the oldest & wisest of our group had said to me not an hour earlier.

I have to respect the process.

Just because I know what I want in a given situation doesn't mean I'm automatically there. This is reality. Processes and time and waiting and walking through. There aren't always shortcuts.

I may not want to feel sad. Or stressed. Or afraid of the future. Just because I've been anticipating change and wanting change doesn't mean that I don't have to experience the difficult parts of change. I have to respect the process.

And I have to believe that "the process&q…

Texting Farewell

Cell phones have come a long way since this commercial:

On Sunday night I got a text message from someone, wishing me well in my was kind. But I had no idea who it was from. I decided to reply in a vague but grateful manner, hoping not to offend someone by asking who this was. Clearly, they thought I would have their number.

Mission accomplished, I thought. Feeling slightly guilty for my minor deceit, I commented on what I'd done to one of my housemates, who was with me at the time.

Fast forward to Monday morning. Repacking chaos ensues. My cell phone is buzzing with last minute well-wishers and details of various types.

Another unrecognized number:

Hey Beth thanks for all the good times and how much you helped me. its been a good run. Best luck!

I felt a stab of guilt that I don't know these people who seem to know me well...And then a third:

Beth good luck! you'll be missed more than you know.

By then, I was too frustrated and time-pressed to make up some gentle but gr…

Joshua and the Battle

Nadine is my soon-to-be roommate. She just blogged about how she loves Josh Ritter.

But I prefer Joshua Radin. These are four reasons why.

This was my introductory song, although I didn't know for a long while that he sang this at Ellen & Portia's wedding.

Then there's this song, perfect for melancholy winter days in Vancouver:

What's manlier than a heartfelt bro-mance song?

Aaaaaaand, his brand new single - video released yesterday.

Am I right, or am I right? Joshua Radin FTW!