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Hello, I've Missed You


I didn't realize, until after I posted the link on FB, and got all your kind notes and likes in return, just how much I'd been holding back from blogging. I wasn't ready to talk about this relationship, but I also didn't know how to not talk about it. So I said nothing.

And now the floodgates have opened.

Not that everything I blog about from here on out will be relationship-stuff (I certainly hope that isn't the case, and probably won't let it happen), but now that I'm not concerned about that particular piece, I can talk about anything I LIKE, again.

Like my friend Jared, who wrote a book. It is coming out in the spring from Tyndale Publishing, and he told me earlier this week that his thank-you to me in the acknowledgements is probably his favourite, and then he laughed, which makes me nervous but also excited. I can't believe my name is in the acknowledgements of a real-live-soon-to-be-published book! Next step, take part in writing a real-li…