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Ten Years Later

This post has been ten years in the making.
It started when I graduated from my undergrad degree, and created this blog. I had just accepted my first full-time job. I was getting ready to move across the country. I bought my first cell phone. Twitter didn't exist. Facebook was just a baby.
Now here I am, in 2016, about to graduate from my Masters degree. In the intervening decade, I have: Moved across the country, and then moved back east, to the largest city in our nation. Held four different jobs - ministry, nanny, small business, college office. Freelanced as a photographer, and as an editor/writer.Traveled to six different countries- three each in Europe and Africa.Lived in five different homes (#6 is two weeks away!). Dated five men, and been on many other dates.Been a bridesmaid six times. Celebrated other weddings, births, and joys. Walked with loved ones through illness (physical and mental), death, infidelity, and other heartache.Gone into debt to go back to school. Cur…