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Christina Rossetti - Poet & Theologian

I imagine the name Christina Rossetti doesn't ring a bell to most of you. But you might know of her work; most well-known of her poems is the Christmas carol "In the Bleak Midwinter" (I'm a huge fan of Sarah McLachlan's version). She also wrote a poem called "Goblin Market" and one entitled "Who Has Seen the Wind?" and many, many others.

She is one of the most well-known female poets out of England, up there with Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

And alongside her poetry, she wrote devotional and theological works. (What a delight to find a new kindred spirit!)

Tonight, I am reading her rather obscure Letters and Spirit: Notes on the Commandments (not even listed on Wikipedia!) as the focus of my final paper for last semester's class on Women Interpreters of the Bible. Yes, last semester... my prof suggested I take an extension, what with the wedding and all - and while I was reluctant, it did make a whole lot of sense and relieve a whole lot of…

It's The End Of the World As We Know It - And I Have Hope!

In the fall, I preached for the first time at an actual church, with a hundred listeners, a microphone, and fancy robes. 
Of course, the passages I was assigned to tackle (I had my choice of 3) were all about the end of the world as we know it. Not generally a popular topic, certainly a controversial one, and quite honestly, a rather stressful one for me on the occasion of my first sermon. 
Two months later, I feel okay about it... I have a tiny bit of experience under my belt, a whole lot of encouragement from my community, and a renewed sense of my love for discussing the big ideas and questions of life. 
So I wanted to share this sermon (and maybe some of the others I've given since) with you all. 
If you are not a church person and you're still reading, first of all - I commend you. And secondly, I'd particularly love to hear your thoughts! I know there can be a lot of church-speak, and strange ideas, but I am keen to make the strangeness of the Christian faith as acce…

This Grownup Read Things She Wrote as a Kid

There is nothing funnier and more heartwarming than listening to grown adults of all shapes and sizes and styles read their childhood or adolescent words.

And there is nothing more terrifying than deciding to take part yourself.

Dan Misener has been hosting Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids events across the country since 2007. The podcast ran for a season on CBC last summer, and new podcast episodes are coming soon!

One of them features yours truly... **

It was a total whim, signing up to read my awful adolescent poetry. And of course, when the day arrived, the event was sold out, and NONE of my friends had purchased tickets, I was NOT feeling very excited to bare my teenage soul to an audience of strangers.

Thankfully, Twitter provided a ticket for the lovely K-Ho, and I met her in a dark space that slowly filled to capacity... As I listened to other readers, I was both reassured and further terrified. Everyone was so funny! So lovely! There wasn't a dud among the bunch.