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Don't Look Back

I just dropped by camp, and I love the people, but it was kind of sad. It is hard to revisit a place that isn't yours anymore. It's awkward and lonely, even when people try not to let it be.

Which is why I'm worried about school starting again while I'm still here.

On a bright note, this is my first entry on my new Dell Inspiron6400 using Mozilla Firefox. And yes, my blog is lavender. But I think I like it...


I am motivated to be an overcomer because I know what is waiting for me on the other end. I read Revelation 2 and 3 this morning, and frankly, I think heaven is going to be a pretty amazing place. Specifically, I am looking forward to:
eating from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God. Just think! A fruit that gives eternal life! I wonder how juicy it will be...escaping the second death. Thank God for that one.receiving hidden manna. And finding out what the hidden manna is!having a white stone with a new name that only I know. This, I think, is the most intimate and beautiful promise. A name entirely unkown to anyone other than myself and God.having authority over the nations. I'll admit it - power is attractive. But when I have this power, I'll also have the wisdom to wield it well.receiving the morning star. I'm not sure what this means, but I love anything related to stars.dressing in white. Purity and holiness and simplicity. Mmmmm.being acknowledged befo…


I gently hug Shannon [not her real name], and I can feel each of her ribs. She is in the hospital because she has lost so much weight that her body is not properly functioning. We are not close friends, but I want to visit her. I have little to say, and I don't want to address the obvious (I'm sure it's the last thing she needs), so we (and another friend who has come) play Go Fish. At one point we get around to the fact that she's here for a reason. Then we return to the game. I look at her while we're playing. She looks tiny, but not skeletal. Granted, she is wearing a long-sleeved shirt and pants. I think of another girl I've met - one who's been ravaged by this same disease for years. She is skeletal, consumed...I pray that Shannon does not end up there.

As I drive away, I can't pity Shannon. Compassion, yes. Pity, no. Because I am not that far removed from her. I have skipped meals and exercised more and eaten less and wished that I had a body that …

Betcha Didn't Know

Random Facts:SunnyD has vegetable oil in it. I don't know why. Maybe to make it have a "smooth" feel? It's gross.Blogger is owned by Google. I was all for Google when they were the underdog. Now that they are the top-dog, I'm not such a big fan. Makes me wish I'd gotten my blog on a different site. Ah well. I'm too lazy to change again. Another pet peeve about Google brilliance is how they customize ads to suit the emails in your Gmail account. They pick up on key words and make the ads relevant, or close to relevant, to your topics of discussion. I hereby REFUSE to EVER click on a link from my Gmail account.Some companies are dumb. Like the pizza place that delivered coupons today that expired on the 27th. Yes, that is yesterday.You can buy Double Decker chocolate bars at the Smoke and Gift store in the Willow West Mall for cheaper than at the Nutty Chocolatier. They have other British chocolate too. [The Cadbury's website has sent me on a hunt for o…


As I'm perusing some friends' blogs, I want to leave comments. No big deal...except that I want to comment on other comments. And I doubt that the original commenters will read my comments. Who regularly follows up their comments to see what others think? I know I don't usually. If I did, blog tracking would take over my life. It's already a close call. So instead, I am going to leave comments to my commenters here.

Vanessa re: Shelly's post: A hearty amen to your quote from a friend. I said something similar when it was suggested that I could/should date within an "unnamed Christian organization." (oh, and being happily married to your second boyfriend doesn't negate your comments...although the fact that his favourite comment in Whistler was, "I like Vanessa. Who do you like?" might shed a slight shadow on your otherwise astute words...)

Jevin re: Graydon's post: Graydon's not a girl...sorry to burst your bubble on that one. Also, I …


Last Friday I ordered a new laptop from Dell. I checked the status online today - it is in production (although the production date was 3 days ago). It's set to arrive on the 29th.

So why do I get a box today? A box 10 inches deep and nearly 2 feet square. What could it be? It isn't heavy enough to be a laptop...

Is it empty? There is a "packing slip" included. Maybe that's all that there is. Nope...there is lots of brown paper...a good six foot strip crumpled inside. And underneath...

*gasp* It is my notebook skin! A flat piece of adhesive plastic in a box that could carry 1000 of them.

Well, at least when my laptop gets here, it will get an instant goldfish facelift.

~On the phone, the salesperson had a lot of difficulty with my name. This surprised me, until I realized that they are probably in a different country. India perhaps, as their accent suggested. Which would explain why they called me Deth, until I clarified, "B as in Bunny."

Tidbits, Including One Tombit

Future Shop is the only store I've been in that seems to hire more men than women. In fact, I don't think I saw any female employees. Maybe they were just hiding. I think I got exceptional service because I am young and female. But that is ok with me. I would never have found the memory sticks without a bit of guidance.

Ever wonder why you sweat when you eat spicy foods? (or maybe all you scientist types already know the answer and just never told me) Well, thanks to the Naked Scientists I now know.
Chilli has got a molecule in it called capsaicin, and capsaicin locks onto a certain channel on the surface of nerve fibres in the mouth and all over the body that signal pain. When the capsaicin molecule from the chilli locks on to that nerve fibre, it activates the nerve. The same nerve fibres also signal temperature, so it fools the nervous system in to thinking that you're hotter than you are. This causes a heat reaction and is why you often get red and sweaty. The reason tha…

Random Remembrance

In high school, my friends and I went through a phase where the cool insult/"whatevs" comment was up your ziggy with a wa-wa brush.

I have no idea where it came from or what made us think it was cool. One more phase I'm glad I've outgrown...

Party Crashers

{Midway through my wedding season. Yesterday was another stellar time of celebrating marriage and dancing up a storm. I love that the weddings have both reflected the personalities and hearts of the couples - both quite different, both quite beautiful.}

ed note: a breakdown of characters, for the easily confused/Jevy:
I = me
Jess = my fellow party crasher
Sara = the friend who invited us to crash
Julia = her aunt that I know
Eric = Julia's husband, whom I also know
Ian = Sara's uncle, whom I sort of know
Peter = random British guy

Today marks the first time I've ever shown up at a friend's family gathering. You could call me a reunion crasher, I suppose. It was wonderful and awkward. My friend Sara was in town, she told Jess and I we could crash, and when I remembered that I also know her aunt and uncle and family (knowing 7 people at a party is much nicer than knowing 1), I decided to come.

Walking up the driveway, the first friendly face is 11 years-old. She doesn't rememb…

It's Late

All my best blogging ideas come late at night while I am lying in bed, slowly driting off to sleep. Then, at ten AM when I want to write something, my mind is filled with thoughts of other things. Like the work I would like to be doing, or the plans I'm trying to coordinate for the upcoming weekend, or what to pack first when I'm ready to move to Vancouver.

On Tuesday, Kirsten and I perused her new apartment, pretending to be various furniture pieces in our attempt to visualize where it should all go. Yesterday, the "day of Kirsten" continued with a moving party.Between the six of us, we effortlessly packed a 14ft U-Haul. We convoyed across town, Kirsten and I leading the way in a slow-accelerating monster-vehicle full of all her earthly possessions (minus her artwork, which was too fragile ). Lunch break: a fun time at Pizza Hut where group decisions were made with surprising ease, and Kirsten made me buy a pop.

Our party was growing, and with 3 new faces, unloading w…

Eventful Events

A small summary, if you please, of all the notable things I've done since returning from BC:

- gone to Rachel and Corey's lovely outdoor wedding
-celebrated Kevin's birthday with Jevin and Heather in Ottawa
-had cold drinks with Lydders and saw the U of T campus
-picked up Shelly at the airport - saw Lynsey W. get off the same flight
-lunch with Amber: congrats on going back to school!
-went to the drive-in and saw two dumb movies: the most exciting part of the night was the meteor shower we caught glimpses of
-visited with my uncle the English prof and read "The Haggis of Bobby McPhee," a poem that reminds me of all I love about the Scots
-hung out with Ruthie, who has dreads! Jealous.
-visited Kelly in the 'shwa and watched the stars
-saw Ad and Alison. Can't believe they've been married three years. I told them this and Adrian asked, "When are you getting married?" me: "uhhhh. Someday"
-lost at frisbee. This was disappointing. I was angry …

For J-Farq

Things you may not have known about me.....

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. school library page
2. public library page
3. a camp councellatrice
4. housekeeper at a mental health facility

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:
1. Ever After
2. Zoolander
3. Life is Beautiful
4. Swing Kids

C) Four places I have lived:
1. Guelph
2. Edmonton
3. a tent in France (for 6 weeks)
4.Vancouver (ok, not yet. but soon.)

D) Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. Whose Line is it Anyway?
2. So You Think You Can Dance
3. Numbers (who knew the guy from 10 Things would grow up to be a cool nerd?)
4. I'm out of shows...I never watch TV

E ) Four places you have been on vacation:
1. London, England
2. Tim's cottage
3. Lake Placid
4. Florida, when I was little

F) Websites you visit daily:

G) Four of my favorite foods:
1. chocolate
2. ice cream
3. fajitas
4. yogourt and fruit and granola

H) I would rather be right now:
1. in Vancouver
2. harder at w…


Nothing makes my day faster than a two-year-old who sees me, points, and walks toward me saying, "Auntie Beth!" [which sounds, in toddler-speak, more like "Annie Beh!"]


Who are today's poets?

You might be thinking that's an awfully book-nerdy question to ask. And it sort of is. But I don't mean just people who write sonnets and haikus and free verse abstract pieces. The Poet, rather, is someone who speaks for the common man. Someone who articulates the emotions we feel but don't know how to express.

In my life, poets are often musicians. Songs, both musically and lyrically, capture the thoughts of my heart and the state of our society.

If I were voting for today's Poet, I'd have to cast my vote for Greenday. Seriously. I think their American Idiot album is profound. Depressing? Possibly. Honest? Definitely. It's kind of like Lord of the Flies (a book, not an album) - I hate it, but I can't deny its brilliance or its accuracy.

Lines like:

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish some one out there will find me
Till then I walk alone

He steals th…

Collected Thoughts

I am finally back in Guelph and can sort through my thoughts and plan the rest of my month. Looking back at the last two weeks, here are the statements I'm pondering.
As a Christian, my faith is like a stream of living water: uncontainable. Faith that can be contained is no faith at all.The "fruit of the Spirit" (Gal. 5) is singular. One fruit (Christ-likeness) with many facets (love, joy, peace, patience, etc).The power of asking someone if they would like to invite Christ into their lives is that we are not assuming to know their heart, and don't preclude or force salvation.Good listening involves: giving full attention, acknowledging the other's experience, inviting them to tell more, summarizing, and then asking good questions.God is more concerned with who I am than what I do. [this is especially profound and difficult to believe. So I will say it again] God is more concerned with who I am than what I do.The driving force behind spiritual disciplines like giv…

Whistler Withdrawal

I left 18 hours ago, and I'm already suffering. A beautiful place! Definitely a bit too fake for my liking though.

So much processing going on. I have thoughts, but they're not formed into words yet. Back at it here in Ontario. Weddings and support-raising galore. Woot-woot. I'm so excited for it all though.

I know this is a pointless blog. I'm just saying that I'm alive. And that I will write something sometime. Just probably not before Tuesday.

Deep breath. Here we go.