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I wonder if my excitement for friends' romances will ever be free from a slight bit of sadness and jealousy that it is not yet my turn. I refuse to let myself be bitter over someone else's good fortune, but I can't deny that there's a twinge of sadness, and the thought That's not fair... has to be banished from my heart. {Big fat boo on Eve eating the fruit, and the corresponding curse that woman's desire would be for her husband.}

I bought some great music at the end of last week - a mix of folk, indy, and a Cake album. All so good. Listening to

Carried (Nighttime Theology)

Awhile ago, I blogged about a song by Leeland. I played it tonight in my Bible study, and I fully admit that I cried a bit. It gets me every time, especially recently as I've been realizing more and more the depths of God's love for me, his absolute delight in me, and my absolute inability to do or achieve anything apart from His grace. I had a bit of an epiphany tonight on the difference between living under "the law" - trying to appease God and earn reward by my own efforts and abilities, and living according to the law because it honours God. I had my Bible study girls reading through Romans 7:7-8:4, and when we read 8:1-4, I suddenly realized:

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death. For what the law was powerless to do in that it was weakened by the sinful nature, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful man to be …

Start of Rant

Once again, I've put off the serious posts because of fun activities and find myself at the end of another night. I had a great day, but now I'm tired and all the things I neglected to work and think and pray through today (as I had originally planned) rear their little heads and I start to stress out. I need to be more wise with my time and not cave to the pressure of fun and sociality when there are meaningful yet independent things I need to do.

End of rant.

{Speaking of rants, I thought of writing a post about Pirates of the Caribbean 3, which I saw last night, especially on the subject of the female roles. It too will have to wait.}

No Joke

Yes, this is what I woke up to. Yes, I took these pictures out my window. Yes, it is May 24th. (Happy Birthday, Victoria...)

To Do

1. Write down my passwords somewhere so that I remember them all. Either that or stop choosing such cryptic clues for myself (sorry, Dad. I know passwords are supposed to be like underwear...but I just don't have the memory for it).

2. Eliminate the overusage of the word "crap" in my life. It has become a substitute word pretty much anytime I can't think of the word I want. And my venting word for any minor frustration. Major frustrations too. Basically, its overuse may lead to its loss of meaning.

Random other thought - I watched the season finale for The Office. I was wrong on almost every count. Jan is not pregnant. Tobey did not quit. And Karen did not get the job in New York. Nevertheless, I fully enjoyed its vagueness enough that I'm officially drawn in for another season. I only hope the Pam-Jim potential is fulfilled. Their first date! Can't wait for September.

Completely Satisfied...As Predicted

So, I decided to finally call Dell and find out what's up with my CD/DVD drive, which has been "stuttering" in the past couple months. I was pretty sure the call would be out-sourced to India, but wonder of wonders, it wasn't.

I had the phone on speakerphone as I sat in the living room with Tara, Amanda and Justin. When I was off hold, I didn't know how to end the speakerphone, and didn't really want to. So I didn't, and I think it turned into the amusing highlight of the day.

I'm not sure how we got into any sort of small talk (the rep and I - I think his name was Rob), but by the first time he put me on hold to check something, it had been established that he was a child of the 80's and that he didn't share my taste for jazz (the audio CD I randomly grabbed to illustrate the problem). While on hold, I decided to start chatting in Gmail with Tara - what could be more fun than a little g-talk while sitting across the room from each other? The fo…


I was commenting last night to a friend that after midnight, my filters (on acceptable and appropriate behaviour/language/topics) are significantly delayed, if not shot altogether. Thankfully I am blogging before midnight, because today's thoughts of significance shouldn't make it out into blogland.

I played ultimate in the rain this afternoon and it was fun, except for the fact that I hate losing and if I'm not careful and purposeful, it frustrates me to play with people who don't know how to play. Not that I am a pro-star. But I have vague ideas of how the game is played, and unless everyone's afraid to tell me, I am at least decent.

Also, my attempt at a Scottish/Irish (I'm not sure which one I sound more like) accent is apparently amusing enough that I've been forced to do it several times this weekend. It is fun and reminds me that I really need to get on my trip-planning for August.

En Route to Market Mall

pink blossom
Originally uploaded by bethaf. Took this lovely photo yesterday on the walk to Staples. I like it when randoms turn out so well.

One More Good Day

I laughed a lot today, and for me, that makes a day good. We played Hoopla as a staff team this morning, which had some great acting/drawing/sound effects/guessing. It wouldn't be nearly as funny to relive it here, but it was rather hilarious.

Tonight was girls' night. We ate a delicious dinner, had a fondue fountain, and I again laughed much. We played a game called "True Colours" - it's complicated to explain, but I received the most votes for "most likely to go a week without showering." Other surprise votes were in the categories "most likely to eat a worm" (for the record, I would never do that) and "first to be married" (I don't know how these girls think that'll happen). I was pleased that I made it in "most likely to be on a reality TV show" and "most likely to survive a Brazilian mudslide."

I feel like I'm forgetting a lot of thoughts that I wanted to get down here. But they're gone and it i…

Not Watching The Office

I don't know that I have ever before cared about the season finale of a TV show, but I'll be honest - I'm more than a little sad that I have nowhere to watch The Office. It is on in 20 minutes, and I'm not going to see it. Tomorrow, I will look online and watch it on a poor quality upload instead of waiting for the high quality download from Jamie and Vanessa. But then I will watch it again with them.

These are my predictions:
- Jan is pregnant.
- Toby has quit.
- Jim will be offered the job in corporate but will turn it down.
- Karen will take the job in corporate.
- Dwight will do something outrageous and awfully awkward.
- Michael will say something completely inappropriate, but realize he needs to grow up since he's about to become a dad.
- Jim and Pam will have some sort of DTR moment (Please oh please, let there be a resolution of some sort. I am a hopeless romantic, and even though Karen is nice, she is not Pam. I could get into a complicated philosophical debate on…

Shameless Plug

I just found out from my sister's blog that you can easily support a variety of charities (including the organization she works for) by usingthis site to do a basic Yahoo search. So if you're a fan of Yahoo searches, you should use this engine and give money away.

Deal? Deal.

If you're a fan of my sister or of charities that work with kids in foreign lands (like Peru!) you should check out her blog for random tidbits and days in her life.

Overdue Update

So, I’ve been here in Calgary for 17 days. Amanda knows the count, and she said so today. It’s our day off as staff, and we spent a couple hours at the park, reading and of course getting distracted and chatting about life. Now we’re at Starbucks doing some more of the same. Everyone’s been asking if I’m enjoying being here, and I give a resounding, “Yes.”I like working with a larger staff team. I like having more peers, people to hang out with, people to feed off, learn from, enjoy. I’m surprised that I’m one of the more experienced staff when it comes to national projects, especially since this is my first summer on staff. The students are great. They’re a mix of backgrounds, a mix of personalities. I can foresee some of the clashes that are going to come, and some of the work God is going to do in hearts. The first week was a sort of vague getting-to-know-you-and-settle-in time. Now, I think things are getting in gear. I’m meeting with the girls I’m discipling (and loving each one …


Oh, poor blog...neglected for the sake of actual activity and face-to-face interaction with humans. I sometimes think longingly on what I would write here in my spare time. But when it comes (if it does), I am so tired, and you are so silently patient...You are too easy to neglect.

Upcoming promised topics:
1. a brief summary of my 2 weeks in Calgary
2. a plot prediction for the season finale of The Office. This clip is the funniest one of the entire season. I am still quoting it verbatim. It will not get old.
3. reflections on something deep and meaningful. Quite possibly the concept of grace. Or how I preach things that I struggle to live myself. Wait a second...that is about grace.

Day Off #1

Today couldn't have gone any better.

Sunshine. 25 degrees. Friends. Cheap books. Reading in the park. Wandering downtown. Devonian Gardens - my camera died and I have to go back. Gelato. More wandering. More sunshine. Delicious stirfry supper. Babysitting an adorable baby. He screams (this is the worst part of the day, but you can't really get mad at a 6 month old who has a little gas and wants his mom). He falls asleep. Ultimate in the back park. We win. Woot-woot.

So good.

Ultimately Usurped

Twice usurped in two days by the same guy... sigh.

On Friday, I was going to learn a little hand-drumming and play for our Monday night meeting...until a student came in who has sweet skills. Which is fine - I'm all for excellence. But then today I played a little pick-up ultimate and the same student showed me up severely. Turns out he played for his uni these past three years...

I'm not bitter though (honestly) and it was so good to play ultimate. I think I've got a team to play with for the next six weeks, which is pretty thrilling. Booyah.

I also enjoyed today's sunshine. And the forecast of +18 tomorrow. Can't get better than this.


I like changes in location and job responsibilities. It feels like a vacation. At least for the first few days. But then I settle in and am reminded. Life goes on. Just because Calgary feels like a bubble, it isn't. A conversation and an email last night reminded me of that. Yup. I cannot run from being a grown-up. I don't even know why I want to.
I feel like I've been neglecting this weblog...things are busy, and as always, I am learning things. I am sad that it is rainy and cold in Calgary - I was really hoping to escape the rain when I left BC. I'm reminded, in moving from one city to another, that I'm not especially good at staying in touch with those outside of my current reality. "Out of sight, out of mind" is very much evident in my life. Sometimes too much. Maybe another mark of my inherently lazy and apathetic nature?

Since I haven't had enough alone time to process all my thoughts over the past week, I shall leave you with some great song lyrics. Thanks to Joy for introducing me to Butterfly Boucher.

"Life Is Short"

When it doesn't rain it snows
Yeah the cookie crumbles but in who's hand?
All things said and all things done
Life is short

Oh I am young but I have aged
Waited long to seize the day
All things said and plenty's too short

Ooooh could this be....
Ooooh could …