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IQ Tests and Big Change

I have started an entry close to five times in the past five days. But each time, I discard it before I'm even this far.

This time, I have left it for roughly an hour and a half. This past week seems like it's been a subtly big week. Nothing major in events, but major in my head and in my heart. And once again I've decided that I don't have the energy or the words to explain myself. It takes a lot of thought - my serious blog entries sometimes take a couple of hours to write, and I don't feel compelled to put that much effort into it tonight.

Turns out I'm a crappy blogger after all. (If it's major change happening inside of me, but I can't actually get that change outside in words, is it actually change?)

Instead of putting effort into processing and verbalizing the things I've been learning this week, I did an IQ test online. And a Meyers-Briggs test. Because of two conversations with two different roommates. I am, apparently, an INFJ with an IQ of 1…

The Green Couches Suck Me In

1. Clarity comes when we get back to the essentials. Like the fact that it is all about Jesus. Jesus is the point of division, Jesus is the point of unity. Jesus is who changes peoples' lives. The rest are peripherals. God reminding me of this resulted in the most peaceful day of the month.

2. Hankies are hot. When I see a man with a cloth handkerchief, I automatically assume he is European and cool. Unless he has a pocket protector or gray hair.

3. Something funny that someone said that I wanted to blog about but now forget.

4. My new book keeps getting postponed as I continue to be too social. I need better boundaries.

HA HA HA. After hanging out in the living room for 3 hours I'm finally going to bed. Quotes of the night:
"You're like my grandma...Good Lord!" (pulls a blanket over his head) "You were the purity police!"
"It's true..."

Buzz Words


The problem with buzz words is that they become overdone and their meaning starts to deteriorate. Then you have to either re-invent a word to mean the same thing, or re-infuse meaning into the same word.

In other news, I attended my first hearing-loss-loud concert. And decided that concert culture is not something I'll fully embrace. For various reasons which won't get a full post. They include - my idolatrous nature, physical danger, false intimacy, and the uppity possibilities of the 'inner crowd.' (Why do we all crave cool-dom and connection to the bigwigs so much? I'm fully as guilty as the next guy, but I don't fully get it - why can't I get over it?)

Also, massage therapy is rocking my world. I only hope I can reimburse it through my insurance, as planned and hoped.

Good Genes and Bad Socks

I am wearing the comfiest and all-around best socks that I own. Unfortunately, they have Winnie the Pooh on them. I do not like wearing kids' characters , and Winnie is exactly that. So I hide my socks with shame, but wear them because they are sooooo comfy.

I went for a dentist check-in today. First time in two years. My teeth seem to be in great shape, except for the filling that will eventually need replacing (in 5 years or more) and the possibility of my thin gums wearing out and needing a graft (when I'm 35 or so). I give complete credit to my parents genes - I don't even floss regularly! Hurrah for good strong teeth.

All the Rage

Apparently the new big thing in bathroom advertising is lights and sound.

As I open the door to walk into the stall, I hear a high-pitched beeping - and assume it is someone's cell phone. As I sit down, it continues. And there are flashing lights on the advertisement on the back of the door.

Neither one stops until I leave the stall. Words cannot express the frustration and anger I feel towards corporate consumerism as I sit there.

I will never, and I mean never purchase SoBe's Energy Rush. Or any SoBe product.


I wish I were impervious to strangers - in that I wish I didn't care what they think. However, I do. Case in point:

1. A good-looking firefighter smiles at me today and I'm smiling back...for the next half hour.
2. A bus-driver singles me out for crossing in front of a bus (it was at a bus loop and I was at the crosswalk) and I feel chagrined the whole way home.


I really need to start going to bed at 11 o'clock. Not only do I need 9 hours of sleep, but I don't think straight after 11. It's not a good scene.

For Those Not On Facebook

Here is what my finished room looks like. Ta-da!!!!!

In unrelated news, for the first-ever time I checked to see how many facebook friends I have. And whether I had more than someone whose profile I'd just looked at.

I do.


I'm not sure which is grosser, that a mosquito that flew in my mouth and down my throat this morning or that it got stuck there and I coughed it back up five minutes later.

Finishing Touches

I went to Ikea this afternoon with some of my housemates. The hopes were high, as I anticipated picking up picture frames and curtains to finish off my freshly painted room. And I wasn't disappointed. Ikea, in all its consumeristic glory, sucked me in and had me wanting to buy things I have no intention of ever needing.

I limited myself to the task at hand - picking the perfect curtains and even finding an as-is picture frame for $6 (it was missing the backing, but could still be hung easily). Success! Or so I thought...

For the first time, I am disappointed with the quality of my Ikea purchases. My curtain rod was not only 2 inches too short for the existing bracket, but it rather easily slid completely apart, leaving me with two plastic ends, two metal rods, and a spacer on my floor. So my brand-new curtains could not be hung. And the picture frames? The set of 4 'invisible' frames are slightly smaller than 4x6, which means my pictures need to be trimmed to fit in them. No…


Bad habits I seem to have picked up over the summer:

Clenching my jaw when I'm stressed.
Cleaning infrequently due to the false belief that I will soon be gone anyway.
Cleptomania. Ok, not really. But it fit with the Cl- theme. (Yes, I know it actually is spelled with a K)
Shopping. I have incredible urges to buy things. All sorts of things, from music to T-shirts to Mini-Wheats (on sale at Safeway right now for $3.46 instead of $8 something!).

Actual Post

Today started out poorly and ended wonderfully. I wanted to cry and crawl in a small hole this morning. I did not want to do my job. I did not want to see anyone, let alone talk to anyone. Especially strangers.

So what happened? I got together with God and told Him how I was feeling. Essentially. And I was reminded that I believe in what I do. That I want to see lives transformed, and that I know that apart from Jesus, there is no such thing as satisfaction. I believe that university students will change the world - it's only a matter of whom they will change it for.

The smallest big thing of the day was the fact that it didn't rain. Not at all. The sky was, in fact, virtually cloud-free. A big change from the 100% chance of rain, heavy at times that I read earlier.

The biggest small thing was coming home and feeling like it was exactly that. Home.

Fun City

That's the unofficial name of the house I'm living in. Fun City - definitely going to be a good year.

Example: last week, Dan (one of the basement dwellers) tried to gift us with a horrible fleece pillow. He left it in our living room. We returned it. It came back. We threw it down the stairs. This morning, it was in our fridge. Tonight, we returned it...since they haven't found it yet, and may or may not read my blog, I won't spoil the surprise.

Wendy and I were watching some Remy when we saw Dan come up - he looked suspicious and we questioned him on what he was doing.

We don't want the dang pillow!

He laughed. Lynsey came out of her room. Andrew came upstairs...Lynsey checked the kitchen for us and started laughing. We went to look. No pillow. Instead...

That's right, Bo Someone-or-Other in Life-Size-Cardboard-Cutout style. What greater gift could we ask for?

Wendy wouldn't let us keep him. I'm okay with that, because I anticipate more laughs in the coming…