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February Reads

In keeping with my New Year's hope of reading more, I have been working on two books during the month of February. (Actually, I've read more than two, but these have been the thoughtful & profound ones). Here are some quotes from what I read yesterday.

Absolute Surrender (by Andrew Murray)
I have not told you to trust the omnipotence of God as a thing, and I have not told you to trust the Word of God as a written book, but I have told you to go to the God omnipotence and the God of the Word.

I want to get that truth burned into my soul; I want to worship God until my whole heart is filled with the thought of his omnipotence. God is almighty, and the Almighty God offers himself to work in my heart, to do the work of keeping me; and I want to get linked with Omnipotence, or rather, linked to the Omnipotent one, the living God, and to have my place in the palm of his hand.
Gift of the Sea (by Anne Morrow Lindbergh)

When you love someone you do not love them all the time, in exac…

In Brief

The weather is warming up. The daylight hours are getting longer. Spring is in the air, and the anticipation is fantastic. I am longing for cherry blossoms and capris and birds in trees.

According to 24 (the newspaper, not the TV show), Twitter is where it's at - short, one-line blog entries. They are apparently the "haiku of the internet world" or something similar. If I could build that into my blog like Dan has, I'd be all over it.

Apparently I have a thing for cheezy 80's drama TV. Macgyver is almost as good as Remington Steele, only less heart-throbbingly attractive.

I've been reading again, and I love it. Books are our friends. In a collection of short stories, I've been reminded how a story/book can't possibly contain the entirety of the story, and that missing details help draw us in as readers. I want to read. I want to write. I want to be a part of literature.

Someone asked me on Sunday, "What is it you love so much about the UK?" This…


inverness church
Originally uploaded by bethaf. Saturday evening was a whirlwind trip to Inverness. The river, dark and swift, was beautiful. The air was cold and crisp. The company was lovely.

Influenza, All Gone

On Thursday, Terra and I self-diagnosed my illness, with the help of NHS Direct.

Never before have I had every single symptom listed for an illness:
fever that comes on quickly (38-40C; 100-104F),sweating and feeling feverish,general muscle aches and pains,a feeling of general tiredness,dry, chesty cough,sneezingrunning or blocked nose, anddifficulty sleeping.And the optional ones:nauseaAnd the "small children" symptoms:
lethargy poor feeding.

Wow, it feels good to be better. You don't realize how wonderful health is until it is really and truly gone. Only lingering sign of illness: a deep chesty cough.

Hello, sunshine!

Heartwarming Thoughts

On Sunday, at 6:30pm, my team and I join the Buccleuch & Greyfriars Free Church of Scotland to sing a capella Psalms from the Scottish Psalter and listen to the preaching of God's word.

Simultaneously, at 10:30am PST, my church in Vancouver meets in a movie theatre with a "rock band" to worship God in song and the preaching of His word.

My head-voice (you know, the voice in your head when you formulate thoughts or type out things like this) has a British accent. Possibly an amalgamation of many different locales. But it's one step away from my audible voice having a lovely accent.

I may be ludicrously ill today, but I am ludicrously ill in Scotland.


I always feel a little bit ill on travel days. And a little bit panicked that I won't get everything done. And a little bit happy that I am pre-packed. I love being packed when I go to sleep the night before I leave.

I may or may not post during the next ten days (how's that for ambiguous). But I will be keeping track of random thoughts to share. Possibly, the extent to which my 10-hour-flight-next-to-a- stranger-on-Valentine's-Day lives up to all my wildest expectations.

Check out this site for more info on what I'll be doing in Edinburgh.

Tastes Like Butterscotch

For those of you looking for a good Valentine's Day prank to pull, let me suggest the following, courtesy of "the Great Man" aka J-Hau.

butterscotch lifesavers - let's say 3 rolls
shower head that can be opened - 1
hammer - 1
plastic bag - 1
friend to prank - 1

1. Place lifesavers in the plastic bag.
2. Crush lifesavers with the hammer until they are a fine powder.
3. Transfer powdered lifesavers from the plastic bag to the inside of the shower head.
4. Wait for friend to shower.
5. After friend showers, be present when they wonder why they are sticky after just showering...
6. Lick friend's arm, and comment, "Yeah, and you taste like butterscotch!"
7. Encourage friend to shower again.
8. Continue doing this until all butterscotch powder is used up and friend is clean.
9. Laugh. But not in front of friend.

In unrelated news, spandex and skinny jeans have thoroughly solidified their presence on campus. I'm not sure that I can handle this, and am sim…

Ugh, What's That Word?

I can't remember the word that means: "two seemingly contradictory ideas that are held in tension with one another, but are in fact, both true."

I know there's a's almost there....

Three Cloudy Day Thoughts

living, dining, cooking rooms
Originally uploaded by bethaf. My house oozes character.

Someday, I would like to know the scars and scuffs on someone else's hands.

Grace is something that continually eludes me.

Baby's Nose, Jono's Vision

Last night I watched Dirty Dancing with two of my guy housemates (is there no shorter way to say that? guy-mates just doesn't sound right...). I asked if they thought Baby had a big nose. They both said No. In fact, they both found her quite beautiful (possibly more beautiful than her post nose-job self), and one went so far as to say that it was her nose that made her beautiful. Not sure that I totally get that. But all in all, it surprised me, made me hopeful - and made me wish that there were more "normal" looking movie-stars around today.

Also: whatever happened to quality talk shows for teenagers, like Jonovision? I used to watch this at my best friend's house ALL THE TIME! In grade 7.

Rats & Ashes

For a significant portion of the world, today has special meaning.

If you follow the Chinese calendar, it is New Year's Eve (well, for most people, it's now New Year's Day). If you follow the Roman Catholic calendar, it is Ash Wednesday.

This is the "Year of the Rat." I am a Rat, according to the calendar. Which makes this a particularly unlucky year for me, if you are superstitious. I am not. Although, reading the description of the Rat, I think it sounds an awful lot like me. I would probably believe in this if I didn't know Jesus.

I think I have blogged before about Lent, but I cannot find it. I did not grow up observing Lent. I didn't know what Lent was until I was at least 15. But apart from its extra-biblical-ness, I think there are things I could learn from a season of purposeful withholding. So I will try to observe Lent in some fashion.

In thinking about what to give up for Lent, I think it's time to give up music. This is especially hard becaus…


Sometimes, when I see a Brinks guy who doesn't look that big, I think, I could take him.

Then I think, What is my problem!? I don't want to rob an armed man of $50 000!

Then, What would I do with the money if I did? Could I successfully put it away without anyone noticing?

And then I stop thinking about it.

Beth Is...

...loving the miso gravy.

...sleepy because of the sunshine.

...grateful for her house.

...wishing she knew how to do graphic design,

...watching her favourite sport: poker.

...typing at 73 wpm. Not quite as impressive as she thought.

...unfortunately working on a Sunday. And she's stopping now.

...feeling sentimental.

...ready for a nap.

...trying to remember what else she had to say.

...thinking of skipping supper.

Sing a Merry Madrigal

Madrigal is one of the words I learned playing the rice game yesterday.

Today, I heard it in use at a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado. It was quite entertaining.

Last night I ate delicious food, hung out with a friend, and saw a woman be arrested for public drunkenness in an upscale restaurant. It was a little sad.

This morning the sun was shining and that made me content. In the afternoon, the full range of mountains was visible on the north shore - it was a beautiful surprise.

Filled myself up on fries with miso gravy and delicious organic salad guessed it - The Naam. Chatted with Lynsey and Dorrie, who I'm delighted to see while she's in town.

I also watched We Are Together, a documentary about a children's home in South Africa that made me cry a bit more than the others in the room.

Sometimes, my own apathy and self-centredness really drive me up the wall.

And thus ends my Saturday night.

Vestigial Quahog

Favourite new website and timewaster. Play word games and donate rice. How it all works, I'm not sure. And some of the definitions aren't exact. But I'm increasing my vocabulary by at least 600 smart points. I may update with a high score and favourite new words later.

Update: my "best level" was 43. After donating 2940 grains of rice (as if they count this by the grain!!!) I started getting repeat words. I ended for the day at 4460 grains.

I learned that isinglass is a word that means mica.
Gastronome is a word that means epicurean.

Blame It On January

Thanks, Steph, for an amazing new array of music. Getting new music is like redecorating my room. It revolutionizes my life for a few weeks, reminds me of all the good things I've lost, and generally adds spice to my life.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who found January a tough month. I gladly leave it behind for the sunshine, flowers, and traveling that I expect February to bring me (ain't it grand to live in Vancouver, where spring is nearly here!). But although January wasn't easy, January was good. Especially this past week. It was exactly the deep-seated encouragement that I needed.

Today is my big brother's birthday. I love him. And (should he by some chance read my blog), I am praying this year will bring the following things to his life: Happiness. Humour. Humility. Honour. I pray these things whenever I pray for others. But on his birthday, he gets to be singled out :)

Happy Birthday, Big Brother! I love you.