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An Omer of Manna (b)

- continued from yesterday's post...some baby steps.

God's Word: I have been reading the Bible for just about as long as I've been reading, which is roughly four years shorter than I have been alive. So, awhile. And it gets to the point that I think, Yeah, yeah. Been there, read that. I know - Elijah calls down fire and destroys them all. I dislike when things that I know should (and could) be meaningful become routine. Especially this. And this past summer in Colorado, I remember hearing in my profs' voices a deep love and awe for the Word of God. I recognized that it wasn't there in my own heart, but I started hungering for it more. I want to love God's word, for all it's truth & beauty, and not just view it as a helpful handbook to life.

At my church (which I love), I have been privileged to sit under teaching from a man who loves God's Word. In my small group, I am with people who love God's Word. And I think it's starting to rub off. Mor…

A Bit of a Ramble (a)

Author's Note: For once, I don't really care if this is of interest to others. I have some thoughts that I'd like to record for posterity, and if they intrigue you - great! But I'm not promising coherency or succinct summaries in this entry. So proceed at your own caution.

Every once in awhile, there are glimpses of clarity where all the little moments of my life line up and add up into one big picture, and I can see that I am is not who I was. These don't happen that often, but they're incredibly encouraging, because I have hope that in twenty years, I will continue to look more like Jesus than I do today. Obviously, I'm blogging about this because I had such a moment. Actually, it was more a series of realizations over a couple of days.

Authority: just before Christmas in my 4th year, I had a "discussion" (borderline argument) with my mom that started poorly but ended with me hearing truths that I didn't really want to admit - that I don't…

That's One Way to Breed Loyalty...

My coworkers know someone who works at the Cactus Club Cafe, and asked if we'd be interested in a tasting evening. I wasn't so sure about it, or what it would entail, but free food is free food, so I was in. And I was blown away. Quite possibly, - no, quite certainly - this was the most culinary experience I have ever had. Treating food as an experience makes eating much more enjoyable.

Turns out their friend Will is chef/kitchen manager of the head Cactus Club, where dishes are born and Rob Feenie is the newest staff addition, as their Food Concept Architect. And yes, he was there while we were.

Food I tasted (I don't remember the names, but here are brief descriptions):
Yam fries with garlic mayoMini burgers with well-spiced chuck meat burger patties.Ahi something-something with tropical fruits in a fried gyoza shell (kind of like a high end fish taco, from someone in Tofino.)West Coast Pockets - the most delicious smoked salmon I've ever had, with sushi rice in a fried…


A few weeks ago, my med-student roommate confirmed a news comment that men receive better medical care than women (or something to that effect). She said that essentially, women are perceived as somewhat hypochondriacal in nature, and so are taken less seriously.

On another occasion, I asked her what she thought a bump on my thumb might be. She suggested it's probably dyshidrotic eczema. Which I filed away and promptly thought, Phew, it's not a wart. But as this bump has not gone away, I have become more annoyed by it. So today, I decided to wikipedia Dyshidrosis. And it's not pretty. Thankfully, my one little bump looks nothing like the severe case pictured.

I hope that my roommate was wrong with her unofficial diagnosis. But if not, I think I need to consider the following factors that wikipedia identified for me:

- A nickel-free diet. My ears seem to be allergic to nickel. If the rest of my body is as well, I should probably stop ingesting it. Cocoa is apparently high in n…

Early to Bed.

Sometimes it is the little things that push me over the edge. Tonight, the little thing is my inability to import my tax file from last year to this year's return. That's it. I am done for the night. Possibly the week.

I had a lovely visit with Karen and Nadine this weekend. They are great, godly & gorgeous girls. They make me smile. And I'm glad they could share in the Easter weekend fun. Good times for four days straight. And now, a bit of fatigue. People and physical tired. Sigh.

One of my friends summarized her life story in six words. They were "the (untapped potential/second chance) King." She has passed along the challenge for others to do the same. It's been rolling around in my head for the past few days. Since I can't steal what she has said, my life would be summarized thusly:

Jesus makes my life worth something.


Apparently, I'm pretty good at distinguishing fake smiles from real ones. I got 75% on this BBC test. And if it's from the BBC, it must be accurate.

So if you think you're fooling me with your pseudo enthusiasm...I can probably see right through you.

If I Am Four Words

Well, Lent is over and music is back into my life whenever I want. I'm hoping to be more discerning about my music listening - not in a snobby way, but in a I'm-not-filling-up-all-my-think-time-with-music way.

Since I've not got time for lots of deep thoughts at the moment, here are lyrics from my current favourite songs. And yes, they are both about love.

Love is Waiting - Brooke Fraser
In the autumn on the ground, between the traffic and the traffic and the ordinary sounds
I am thinking signs and seasons while a north wind blows through
I watch as lovers pass me by
Walking stories - whos and hows and whys
Musing lazily on love
Pondering you
I'll give it time, give it space and be still for a spell
When it's time to walk that way we wanna walk it well

I'll be waiting for you baby
I'll be holding back the darkest night
Love is waiting til we're ready, til it's right
Love is waiting

It's my caution not the cold
There's no other hand that I would rather hold

Lyrics & Titles

I am not usually one to remember song titles. Sing the hook or the chorus, and I'll know the song. But not the title. However, this week I've had two titles floating around in my head, making me think they are somehow relevant to my life right now. Both belong to Anberlin songs.

Inevitable and There Is No Mathematics to Love and Loss

Since I can't listen to the song, and I don't recall the lyrics, I looked them up online this morning. I can hear them in my head again...and am reminded of why Anberlin is my favourite find from 2007.

If you're leaving, leave the cigarettes.
You've already got the lighter and the keys.
She packs her boxes.
He knows that she's serious
Not by the look in her face but by the lack of rings.
Words lost their meanings long ago.
Right around the time when she let him know.

Oh oh oh oh ohoh oh oh

Have you ever heard a word?
Rather be lonely in love, than alive with you and dead.
Have you ever heard a word?
Hear me out this time (Hear …

Boys & Girls

Whether you're 15 or 35, I think things are essentially the same when it comes to boys & girls. Miscommunication, unfulfilled expectations, heartbreak & confusion. The unexpected happens, and it's always a surprise.

And I don't just mean for us singles. Even in the best marriages these things are present. What's different, I think, is that in a marriage, you know who you're investing in and (hopefully) there's a commitment that you will work things out.

My heart is really heavy for one of my friends today. When we were talking earlier, I wanted to make things right for her. But I don't know what it would look like for things to be "right." And I don't think she does either, which is what makes it harder. {If I had a fairy wand...the magic mice and I would make everything just-so.}

I fear being in a situation similar to hers someday, because a) it hurts and b) I don't know that I would react with the same grace and humility that I see …


I am on a bit of a technological bender at the moment. It started a few weeks ago with the gift of an iPod.

See, the problem with being rebellious for the sake of non-conformity is that eventually something happens (like someone gives you an iPod, when you had heretofore decided not to purchase one, just because they're soooooooo cool and everyone plus their mom has one), and your whole grounds for rebellion are gone, and then you swing so far in the other direction that it is all over.

Case in point:
the iPod. Couldn't say no to such a great gift. Now I'm switching my entire music library to iTunes, and eagerly anticipating Easter and the return of my music. Especially the reward of the Juno soundrack, which is sitting, still wrapped, on my desk.
upgrading my phone & plan. Hello Moto, hello 2500 text messages & unlimited evenings starting at 5pm! Hello personalized ring tones (this has provided hours of entertainment), voice recognition: so handy for calling my mom in…

4 Good Things

1. No more ads online! Thanks to a Firefox add-on.
2. My phone has great ring tones. And shows your picture when you call me, Dan Ray.
3. Twitter may be the answer to how I am going to use my 2500 texts a month. Provided I can figure out how to send the confirmation text message to a number in a foreign country.
4. I am not leaving the house tonight.

oh! One of my flickr pics has been shortlisted to appear in some sort of online guide. Tres exciting!


2 high moments, 2 low moments:

- an email from a friend
- bumping into someone unexpectedly on campus
- hanging out with some kids. 5 of them, in fact.
- a joke.

I decided I don't want this blogskin. I want my own blogskin, but I don't feel like I have the time to make it good enough. Or the skills.

I am glad that I have given up personal music for Lent (my mp3 player - now an iPod, thanks to Nick! and computer music that fills space so I don't have to/can't think). But I miss music and am looking forward to having it back. It amazes me which songs stay in my head despite this fast.

My Posts Don't Date Themselves...I Just Realized

Five days without a post, and it wasn't even intentional! When my days are full and have little time for reflection, I almost forget about this portal of processing.

Life feels like it just keeps moving forward (probably because that is precisely what is happening). And I find it hard to slow down and make sure I'm still be intentional and deliberate in my choices. Especially as they pertain to God.

I had a whirlwind visit with Heather, and it was lovely. I miss that girl, and I'm so grateful for her friendship (and for our moms, who introduced us before we could even speak). We unfortunately spent over an hour of our visit trying to change my phone plan. Sometimes, I have very strong feelings of dislike towards service providers. But, we shall see each other again in less than two months, which gives me great happiness.

I am reading more, and writing a bit, but have mixed thoughts on it all. My future (starting in roughly a year) is so up in the air that I am not sure where …

Just A Few More Thoughts

I had a moment of being creeped out on the bus today. A man a few seats down from me reached out and lightly touched a woman in the aisle. She didn't notice, and I'm not sure if he was reaching to feel her hair or her fur coat, but he stretched out his hand, swished his finger back and forth, and then went back to his conversation with a friend. It was just a little too weird for me.

BUT on a more positive note. It is sunny again today, and this quote has given rise to an idea for a story:

For it is only framed in space that beauty blooms. Only in space are events and objects and people unique and significant - and therefore beautiful. A tree has significance if one sees it against the empty face of sky. A note in music gains significance from the silences on either side. A candle flowers in the space of night. Even small and casual things take on significance if they are washed in space, like a few autumn grasses in one corner of an Oriental painting, the rest of the page bare.

Legendary Letdown.

So I just finished Legends of the Fall. I've been told it's a great movie and that I should watch it, so I did. And to be honest, I didn't really like it.

I mean, it's a well-made movie. And who doesn't like the trio of Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins & Aidan Quinn (I must admit, I especially like him). It just makes me angry. I will not watch it again.

In No Particular Order

This weekend I:

1. Read a book (The Birth House by Ami McKay).
2. Watched a movie. Well, half of Legends of the Fall, which I have never seen before, and am not sure yet what I think. I guess it depends on the ending.
3. Went to an NHL game. We lost in overtime; otherwise, the evening was great.
4. Baked cookies (for said NHL game).
5. Walked along the sunny waterfront in White Rock.
6. Ate celebratory pancakes made by my lovely roommate, Lynsey.
7. Was tricked by my mother (she put her sister on the phone & waited to see how long before I realized it wasn't her, as they sound nearly identical). We all laughed when I figured it out.
8. Laughed at something funny & slightly sketchy from the Bible. The phrase "Hill of Foreskins" is just so awkward.
9. Ate Italian food. Love the bread with oil & vinegar at La Notte.
10. Went to church, and even made the early service.
11. Met someone new.
12. Thought about something in a different light.
13. Talked about my feelings.
{ed. not…