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Originally uploaded by bethaf. Delightful is the precise word to describe my weekend. Eating fresh berries (and cheese and tomatoes and baked goodies) with Amy at the Trout Lake Farmer's Market was a part of that.

And now?

Back to work! (said in the voice of a Mac that has been instructed to stop telling jokes.)

Pho-tos, Pho-tos, Pho-tos!

Dan and his twin take a picture of me, taking a picture of them. They even have matching bandaids. And what's that cool shirt they're wearing!? That's right. It's from

Playing with night time shots. The moon was massive at 9:45. Less so at 10:45. I like the tree's shadow on the street.

I like these lights too. Can you tell what it is?

Because I'm On Vacation

I will blog late at night to tell you about my evening, how I went to see a movie with friends. It was in 3D. And one of my friends is listed in the credits. Yes, that's right. I know someone who was part of a Brendan Fraser movie. Incidentally, Brendan Fraser is Canadian. And there are Canadian jokes in the movie. Well, one. It is lame. So is most of the rest of the movie. Essentially, Journey to the Center of the Earth is a big advertisement for some new ride at Disney World. At least, they'd better make a ride out of it. It was a good time, but George of the Jungle is still Brendan's best work...

If you happen to see Journey, I will tell you which scenes my friend worked on. They're pivotal. Riveting. Actually, I jumped in the one. Which isn't surprising, as everyone knows how jumpy I am in movies, but his work had its proper effect on me. Hurrah for him!

I will also tell you two other tidbits about my evening.
1) there was an unpleasant sighting while leaving the …

Tell Me a Story!

Back when she was a girl, they didn't really have "children's literature." At least, not to the same extent that we do now. My grandma commented last night that her mom wouldn't read to her at night; she'd tell stories.

And for a split second, I resented kiddy lit (ah, if my professor ever heard me call it that....). Because I wish I knew more stories from my family's past. I want to know about my grandparents' lives. What they did, who they knew, what shaped them into the people that they are today. I want their stories and their lives to live on after they do. I want to fall asleep listening to the voices of people I love, telling me stories that I can tell my children some day. As they fall asleep.

Etiquette & Excitement

I've started reading The Magician's Nephew, and I'm quite excited for the series. I have vague memories of reading it before (or listening to my dad read it), but not enough to remember all the details. I think I know the basic plot, but then I wonder if I'm confusing it with another of the thousand books I read as a child.

I like the illustrations and I like that this book from the 70's is starting to fall apart. It makes me treat it gently, thoughtfully. The way a book should be treated.


Baby Girl!
Originally uploaded by bethaf. Armed with a new camera and an adorable baby, the possibilities are endless!

Slow and Steady Progress

Driving standard still unnerves me.

Or maybe it's my sister's car...the fact that it's a little bit old and that for the past two weeks, on Wednesday afternoon between 3 and 4, I have stopped at a stop sign and had a puff of smoke come from under the hood. Both times, no problems were evident, no liquids needing refilling, and no over-heating indicator from the temperature gauge. Weird blips of fright.

It did make me that much more cautious & prayerful on the way to Toronto. And proud of myself, when I could say that round-trip, from Guelph to Markham to East York to downtown and back to East York and back to Guelph, I only stalled once. ONCE. Which still made me flustered, but never the less.

Slow and steady progress. Now to tackle hill starts...