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I Think My Toe Is Broken

No, seriously. A fun team game may have resulted in a fractured toe...but since x-rays are hard to come by and the only antidote is taping, I've taped it and will see how we do. Thankfully I have a few people trained in the health field who are living right next door and know these things more fully than I do.

In other news, every single day is sunny and breezy. It's essentially my ideal climate, and I am glad of it.

Sunshine & Sweat

(Eunice says that she is sunshine & Jessica is sweat.)

Tomorrow I move into my semi-permanent housing (for the next 5 weeks). Tomorrow, everything starts in earnest. On one hand, last Sunday seems forever ago. On the other, where did this week go!?

I am incredibly excited. I feel a sense of anticipation and hope. I am looking forward to looking back. Does that make sense?

I gotta go to bed.

The Mystery of EGC

Tonight, my sister and I sat down with my parents and sorted through my Grammy's jewelry. This is the tail end of the estate organizing (I think), and as the only female granddaughters, we had a chance to sort through the piles of costume jewelry - my grandma liked her brooches! - and then give careful thought to some of the more valuable & sentimental pieces.

In these moments, her death seems more real. I have memories of many of the items we saw tonight, and I had a moment or two where I had to remind myself that I am allowed to take this necklace or that brooch. She hasn't needed any of them for a good eight months.

One of the less familiar items that is now in my possession is a men's signet ring with the initials EGC. Neither her brothers nor her father had the initials EGC. My grandpa's initials are GFF. So who did?

No one knows. But my placid and peaceful grandma has suddenly become more intriguing to me.

Oh, if only I could travel through time!

The Big Farewell

I'm not very good at goodbyes. And I don't have much to say, but I feel like I should have some intentional wrap-up post or explanation about how I may not be blogging for the next 7 weeks due to traveling and connectivity issues.

I have had a lovely time here in Ontario. I have enjoyed my family immensely. I have had great conversations with many girlfriends from university. Even the weather has been cooperative.

Only a few niggling things left undone.

a) how will I read Postsecret while I'm away?
b) how will I get my free downloads (both French and English) from iTunes while I'm away?
c) how will I get the free Coldplay live album that comes out on May 15?

Otherwise, I am good to go.