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Things in Threes

1. This spring marked three years with my current employer. I have been feeling a bit of an itch, which has been remedied by three things:

a) I have changed positions and have a completely different job description for the coming year.

b) I read three books this past year that have really worked in my heart (besides the Bible, which is generally the most heart-changing book): Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Courage & Calling, and In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership. I highly recommend them all.

[Even for those of you who don't believe in Jesus the way I do, I recommend them all...the highest-up boss of my company was telling me about a seminar he went to way back when he was a potato farmer & seller of farm equipment...anyway - he paid $12,000 to go to a leadership summit in Texas somewhere, and the guy started off by saying that he's a secularist, but to teach about leadership, there was no better place than to look at the life of Jesus (the basic…

Rush, Rush, Rush

I am falling behind. I meant to write this entry two hours ago, but the page has been blank while I've run around and done other things, had other conversations...So two quick photos before bed.

Photo #1:
Tonight, my view looked like this:

Notice the rain dripping off the powerlines? This was taken out my window in the midst of a downpour. Shortly thereafter, I could see both fireworks and lightning. And thunder shook my hardwood floor.

Photo #2:
Last week, my roommate and first-friend-in-Vancouver, Wendy, left town for a year-long trip to Korea. Before she went, she gave me a stellar gift from - business cards with my favourite photos printed on them. It's the gift that keeps on giving, as I used my creativity (photos), made more creative (business cards), to make more creativity (collage):
If I could tag this photo (a la Facebook), I would tag three countries, eight cities, and at least ten different people associated with these memories.

Sunday Night Songs

This song is going around in my head. The video is a bit odd, but the singer, Yael Naim, is just lovely:

And this song, by a virtually unknown band called The Autumn Film is incredibly soothing. The quality of this video is dubious, especially after the 3 minute mark, but the content comes through:

Tonight, I watched Romeo & Juliet (the Dicaprio-Danes version that I purchased for $5) with my parents. I love it. But halfway through...I wanted to stop. I wanted a happy ending. My heart can't handle the tension, the drama, the inevitable tragedy.

On a brighter note, though, the soundtrack is stellar. It includes covers of this song by The Cardigans:

It also contains a cover of When Doves Cry, which is impossible to find on YouTube, because apparently Prince is keen on protecting his copyrights.* That's okay, because I watched the first minute or so of his music video from the song, and it's just creepy anyway. Not that I'm surprised.

*if you really want to watch it, google…

Sugar Saps Strength

From your immune system, that is.

Yesterday, someone told me that sugar suppresses your immune system: roughly 1 tsp equals 2 hours of reduced immunity to disease (a can of Coke therefore makes you disease-susceptible for over half your day).

I was thinking about it this morning, wondering if I am too quick to trust, and this is just one of those rumours that health-freaks throw at those of us who crave icing or chocolate with any regularity. But a quick google search of "sugar immune system" shows that my friend is not alone in her beliefs.

This only adds to my increasing desire to make subtle but radical changes in how I eat. My ideal diet would be:

- high in fresh fruits & vegs
- lots of brown breads & whole grains
- legume heavy
- home cooked
- largely organic

A month ago, I would have had "local" on that list as well. Then I read an article in Reader's Digest from the National Post entitled Food Mile Myths: Buy Global. I think it is a strong challenge to th…


My laptop's name is Onesimus. It's a biblical reference to the book of Philemon and a runaway slave whose name means "useful." And while my computer has served me well over the past three years, he has been more frustration than blessing in the last few months.

So yesterday, on my day off, I began an in-depth search for the next, more better machine. It turns out, everyone has an opinion - a simple status update on Facebook gave me several friends willing to share their thoughts and help me out. I was directed to this article ranking the top 10 netbooks (from which I stumbled on this article: Top 5 Items Ruined by Swarovski Crystals...such a shame, really).

I've narrowed it down to 5 potential purchases: Dell Inspiron Mini 12, MSI Wind, eeePC 1000HE, HP Mini 1000, or Toshiba NB2000.

As of last night, I was thinking I'd make the purchase within the week. But then I learned two things.

a) Onesimus is under warranty for another 55 days! So I can probably get a new …