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Clothes Shopping: Opinions Wanted

It may not feel quite as spring-like this week, but I have started doing a spring-clean of my closet (also in preparation for the May move)... and what I've found is this: I need some new clothes.

I have a love/hate relationship with buying new clothes.

Things I love include:
- new things! new colours, no pilling, no fading.
- hiding my inner awkward with the external trappings of "cool"
- anticipating the first-wearing of a new purchase and saving it for a special occasion.
- taking risks and feeling successful (like my new red jeans! beet red, not cherry red.)

Things I hate include:
- dressing rooms.
- all the clothes that don't fit right when I want them to
- the line between fashionable and faux-pas can be very thin
- I often feel I compromise on either budget, quality, or ethics
- clothes that only fit/work for 2 washes. ugh. bitter disappointment.

With that preface, I am asking y'all to give me some input:

1. What fashion styles do you think I should definitely seek out? Avoid?
2. Where do you shop that combines quality, ethics & budget? (does such a place exist??)
3. Do you want to give me money/cool clothing? (kidding. mostly.)


Why not try "new to you" clothes and check out a 2nd hand shop? I know there's GOT to be some awesome vintage or 2nd hand places in TO. Obviously this requires more time and effort than walking into a store...but maybe you'll find a sweet deal on a sweet item!
Also? Dresses. Summer dresses. :)
Beth said…
V-niz. Yes! I love second-hand shopping. My experience is that it's hit and miss in Toronto...

(alTHOUGH I am just remembering that Kensington Market is amazing. I will go there.)

I want to wear more dresses. I am going to try to do this.
sarahtp said…
I second the thrift store comment! I love to shop at Value Village and I quite often find good quality, reasonably fashionable clothes for a decent price. Another upside is the ethics factor— reusing and recycling are always good.

As far as styles… I like to wear a lot of neutralsneutrals, black, denim, khaki, navy, brown— and then you can accessorize with any colour!
Beth said…
I want you girls to take me shopping.
Sarah said…
I would love to go shopping with you in Kensington Market, but I have a feeling that you'd end up dressing me much better than I'd dress you.
jonathanturtle said…
OK, at least one dude has to weigh in here. I agree with your sentiment on second-hand shopping, it is very hit-and-miss, I find anyway. You have to commit more time to that sort of thing.

My own inclinations over the past year when purchasing new items to stay away from trends and opt instead for items that are sort of timeless (style is different from fashion). I also find that having a few basics is more preferable than having a lot of non-basics. Purchase items that you will actually wear and avoid things that will just take up space in your closet. This way, you can actually spend a bit more money on fewer items that will get more use.

OK, how I know all of this I don't know. Good-bye.
Beth said…
sarah - we should go shoppping :D

jt - thanks for weighing in! i totally agree on the look-for-timeless-pieces front. I guess my question is WHICH items should i invest in/does anyone have favourite brands/locations for them?

(you know these things because you are hip and hip guys know a bit about dressing well.)
jonathanturtle said…
Banana Republic, Club Monaco, and J Crew are all pretty good. Mind you, in all likelihood their ethics leave little to be desired.
Jackie said…
I feel like I can't give a serious answer to your question. So I don't have an answer for you.

Be anything but hipster.

Beth said…
jackie - why can't you give a serious answer!?!? i don't understand...
Jaanvi Parihar said…
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