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Pack it Up, Pack It In, Let Me Begin

This is my packing list for Spain.

As a list, it looks long. As a pile, it is medium-sized. As my life's belongings for four weeks, it seems small. It weighs in at 26 lbs (including the pack itself) and I am hoping to trim it down to 20... Any suggestions on what to cut?

Toiletries (soap, sunscreen, bug spray, first aid kit)
Dish set

Underwear x5
Socks x5

Gray walking shorts
Beige beach shorts
Green capri/pants

Blue ulti T
Burgundy ulti T
Longsleeve blue T
Sports tank
Sports bra x2
Red wrap
Rain jacket


Passport belt
Pilgrimage route guides
The Writing Life by Annie Dillard
iPod & charger
Camera & charger
Plug converter
Pilgrimage totem/icon
"Whining Free Zone" Button*

*I bought two of these. Mine is already on my pack, where I will see it every time I reach into my bag. Hopefully my commitment to being a grown up (instead of a whiny baby) will be easier than I anticipate.


Sarah said…
How many pens are you taking? I'm sure you could buy a pen there if the one (or 2) that you're taking run out. Also, don't count the passport belt because it'll be around your waist and not in the pack. And you'll be wearing one set of clothes, so that'll cut down on the pack weight a bit too. Are you taking a towel? (I didn't notice one on your list.) A rolled up towel or clothing can double as a pillow if necessary.

I'm excited for you, and just a tiny bit jealous of all the fun you're going to have :)
Thom said…
I have no real ideas for lightening your load. FIVE pairs of underwear? Why not just two and a can of spray deodorant??? The deodorant will also double as bugspray for the less civilized bugs. How many helium balloons are you bringing? They aren't small but they pack VERY light. Buh-dum-CHA!

I am crazy jealous right now. I agree with the towel, Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy agrees too. I'm a big fan of the microfibre Adventure Towel from MEC. Though I'm the kind of person who would rather carry a real pillow than endure a fake one for 4 weeks, so the bringing of towel equals no weight savings.
Lisa said…
It sounds amazing, Beth!

I've never run across many bugs in Europe, so I'd leave behind the bug spray (but I have no idea about the area you're going to). What kind of flashlight do you have? If it's heavy, headlamps are fairly light and useful.

I can't wait to hear about your adventures! Have a WONDERFUL time!
Teagen said…
Good List. I recommend bringing an even number of socks though, since you have an even number of feet. . . : )
becca said…
so excited for you and kirsten! could you download the book or route guides onto your ipod rather than taking them? my kindle has saved me many pounds and many hours of boredom while traveling. the kindle app is free and the books are cheaper. also, do you have a rope/clothesline and detergent? (i'm assuming you're planning on washing clothes there.) really, the most important thing is your passport. everything else can be acquired there :)
Katie V. said…
Beth! So excited! We're switching adventure times haha. Detergent was my first question too. I'd recommmend a big bottle of CampSuds from MEC. The big bottle isn't that big but you will love it. It can be used as shampoo, body wash, face wash, laundry and dishsoap...awesome. perfect for washing the undies in the sink because it looks like you will be doing that every 3-4 days if you aren't a fan of commando.
AshleyK said…
Cut the number of socks down to 3. One to wash, one to wear, and one to have ready. When I backpacked across Wales (that included carrying a tent, cooking pot etc) I had 3 pairs of socks and the pair I'd wash I hung on my back pack to dry as I hiked. Okay, granted that didn't always work out considering it RAINS all the time there. BUT perhaps you'll have better weather in Spain?

I like Katie's idea of the CampSuds and Sarah's towel/pillow. Books can add weight... can you upload the book onto your ipod?

What a fantastic experience you'll have!
Beth said…
Everyone: THANKS!!

I am taking two pens.

I forgot that I have a towel! (microfibre from MEC, Thom.)

Tiny flashlight, very lightweight.

Cutting down to 3 pairs (PAIRS, Teagen!) of socks & underwear.

KAlm has CampSuds.

I'm keeping the pillow! It's small, and will be totally worth it.

Books/guide cannot go on my iPod...

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