August 30, 2012

Boy in a Bag

Every once in awhile, I see something that makes me laugh out loud, while also blowing my mind and confusing me.

Earlier this week, it was a little boy at the park, wearing a shopping bag as a romper.

I wanted to take a picture (I started to take a picture), but he was playing at the splash pad, and his guardian was there, and let's face it; creepy much? Thankfully, Karen was with me, and she can draw. Here is what he looked like:

I do not know whether this was his mother's idea or his, and if this is supposed to somehow keep him dry? All I know is, he was quite content in his perfectly-sized grocery-bag get-up.

August 28, 2012


Yesterday, I woke up and walked to the bathroom and thought, There is no way I can go to work today. So I slept all day (did you notice I was too tired even to tweet!?). And managed to "sit" long enough to watch some So You Think You Can Dance with Karen, but she had to bring it into my room.

This morning, I felt a bit better and decided to shower. And then I needed to nap, and around 11am, I thought, Maybe I should go into work this afternoon. So I left at noon, and got money to buy transit tokens, because I knew I couldn't walk like I usually do. And by the time I got to the streetcar station, I thought, This may have been a mistake. But then I thought, It'll be okay once I'm there and sitting down.

So I got there and sat down, and staring at the computer screen made me feel woozy, but I lasted for two hours. I did the time-sensitive work and then I came home. Then I napped. Deeply.

And now it is Tuesday evening, and I am feeling hungry-ish, for the first time since Sunday. And I only have two and a half days of work ahead of me, and although being sick is the pits, it's a little bit of a blessing because the long weekend will be great and I have slept a lot, which apparently my body needed. And I was too tired to overthink my life, which I have been doing recently, and apparently my mind needed that rest too.

Sometimes, the only way for me to really rest is to get sick, and I need to be reminded that I cannot just keep pushing myself (like I tried to do this afternoon). I am in control of me, but sometimes I'm not really, and I need to be okay with that.

August 24, 2012

Curated Curiousities

A little curated list of things I've found about-town. By which I mean, on-line. Interesting things just pile up and pile up in my browsers. Here are some of them.

  1. This kid's perspective on Maroon 5's big hit "Moves Like Jagger" cracks me up.
  2. This is like pinterest for recipes. It's very, very dangerous. (Vanessa, you'll love it.)
  3. I recently decided to start exchanging postcards with strangers around the world. You may enjoy doing the same.
  4. Did you know that the "City of London" is not the same as the city named London? A fascinating and informational short video.

     5.  Needs no introduction. (via A Softer World)

    6. This amazing art from Marc Johns continually amuses me. There should be laws like this.

    7. I'd hate to make this gaffe, but I do wish jobs would land in my lap...

    8. Related: I feel like this Wondermark comic.
nothing but broken promises.

August 23, 2012

Exp-hair-iment Week #4

It is Thursday, and I have used shampoo and conditioner twice this week.

I feel somewhat guilty about this and also relieved. My hair feels soft again, and my eyes see less frizz (others see the same amount). At the same time, the look and feel of my hair on my current products is not exactly what I want either. I like how quickly my hair dried on the natural plan, and how my curls went into big fat ringlets.

I am going to keep exp-hair-imenting. Maybe I will mix using natural and commercial products. I will definitely be trying out some curl-specific methods & lines. But unless I find a magic solution that is THE BEST THING EVER, you probably won't hear more about it here. Because, really, who wants me to blog about my hair?

I think you'll much prefer the next post.

August 22, 2012

Farewell, Fond Friend

When I came online yesterday morning, the following email greeted me:
From: Alasdair Lindop
Date: August 21, 2012 8:50AM
Subject: disappointed
You didn't send me the Hey Ocean MP3. You quoted me in your blog without permission.
Double kick in the balls. One in each ball, to be precise.


Just to be clear, Alasdair was "friend #1."

He was online, so I messaged him.

me: i'm sorry!
  on a scale of 1-10, how upset are you really?
 Alasdair: 17
  the damage has been done
me: this is it, hey? the end of our friendship-road. over a funny quote and the fact that i didn't turn my laptop on when I got home at 10:30 last night.
 Alasdair: precisely
 me: it's only fitting, i suppose.
 Alasdair: fitting?
me: that this is how it goes down.
  over a music battle.
 Alasdair: right.
 me: and because i didn't give you enough of a platform on my blog.
  it makes sense.
in a way.
  that 5 years of friendship would end like this.
 Alasdair: what's funny is that when we first met, I dont remember ever discussing music. I mostly remember arguing about which version of The Office was best
men are fickle beasts.
 me: ha ha ha
  that is very true.
 we watched episodes of the british version on the train.
 Alasdair: indeed
  i dont remember anything else
  apart from being dismayed at the canadian staff's general lack of willing to drink much

Then the conversation continued:

Alasdair: because you're in the dock
  friendship is on the line and i'm unhappy
  like i said
  a double kick to the balls
 me: is it because i didn't mention you by name on the blog, or because i mentioned you at ALL?
  you want ALL the friendship credit? or NONE of it?
 Alasdair: because you didn't ask
  but you asked the other person
  and because i want to be named.
  i want to be known as AWESOME
 me: a. i didn't ask the other person.
  i told her after the fact, because she was still online when i posted.
  and b. i will name you next time.
 Alasdair: ha. victory
 me: or i can do a special post just for you about the end of our friendship and what a tragedy it has become.
 Alasdair: haha, that would be poignant

(See why we're friends??)
The conversation moved on, eventually. To my ultimate game the night before.

Alasdair: ultimate just frustrates me
  not being allowed to run into people is annoying
  although i like the mixed aspect
 too much accidental boob hittage though
 me: ha ha ha
  ha ha ha ha ha ha
 a. i am very guilty of accidental contact that sometimes borders on unintentional.
  b. i like playing co-ed
 c. last night, i collided with a guy as we were going for a disk - he basically had his head at my hip and grabbed my thigh to try to stop his momentum. he felt more awkward than i did, i think.
 Alasdair: haha. there are worse places to grab
 me: than the inner thigh? very few.
 Alasdair: oh. you didn't say it was the INNER ah.
  well, both sides really.
  almost a hugging of the thigh.
 Alasdair: wow
  with his head down there too?
 me: yeah, that's what i'm saying.
  although it was very brief and then over.
 Alasdair: right. next time you run into him, you should grab his crotch for balance
 me: mmmmmmm, no.
  i prefer to not have that happen.
 Alasdair: hehe
  boys crotches are apaprently lovely to grab
 me: we are so not having this conversation.
 Alasdair: its ok. you can blog it
 me: are you sure you want me to?
  i will.
 Alasdair: do it.
  i dont know how you will frame it though
 me: it doesn't need framing.
  i'll tell it like it happened.
 Alasdair: well that wont get me into trouble
 in retrospect, i probably shouldn't have used 'lovely' as the adjective there.

Eventually, it wrapped up:

and on that note, it's home time!
 me: bye, friend.
  or rather, former-friend.
Alasdair: yep. see you never.

It's a shame, really. We bonded over The Office, discovered a shared taste in indie music, and even talked about important life things like careers, travel, and Jesus. We have been friends for 5.5 years, and yet have managed to spend time together in person only once after the week we first met.

Then I didn't send him an email promptly or name him here, and it's all for naught.

(I'm pretty sure our friendship is back on, now that I've given him his moment of fame and emailed him the song he couldn't download himself...)

August 20, 2012

Chatting With Friends At Work

I am online all day (except for when cables are cut and we have no phone or internet, as happened last week. Hopefully it never happens again), and I have two international friends with whom I sometimes chat. It is life-giving and often entertaining. Today was both.

friend 1: how was the cottage?
me: so. so. good.
friend 1: hmmm. so good, then?
me: yes. i wanted to stay forever. i loved not speaking to anyone.
friend 1: haha i think i would go crazy maybe maybe after a few hours it would balance out and i'd learn to love it
me: my boss just said the same thing. that she would go crazy.
i don't know what it was...but it did kind of make me want to be a hermit. i mean, eventually i would want to talk to people, i think. but i don't know how soon.
friend 1: haha you'll never find a nice boy that way... ;)
me: yeah. i don't know how to find one anyway.
although dream-beth met a nice boy around 5 am this morning.
friend 1: hahaha hahahaha hahaha

me: today, you are my life coach.
friend 2: ha
me: i hope you feel that i pay you adequately with attention and reciprocal listening.
friend 2: indeed, i feel that it is a relationship on equal grounds and I am very grateful for the grounding voice you have been in our conversations over the past many months : )
too many "ground" words. apologies.
me: ha ha ha.
you're grounded.
that's a good thing. unless it's said parentally, "you're GROUNDED!" as punishment.
friend 2: oh, good oint.
me: ha ha ha way to flip that around on me.
our friendship, if it were one word, would be: interbationak
unrelated: an infochart/graphic that I would like to see made is "A Guide to Wedgie-Free Wear, Based on the Size & Shape of Your Derriere."
friend 2 : Oh. Yes.
good job with the rhyming too.
me: thank you.


me: i just posted a blog entry that included an excerpt of today's g-chat.
i hope that is ok.
i'm sure it is. 

friend 2: why of course :
me: that's why i did it without asking. 
 friend 2: eyes. colons are now eyes. when they precede lists they are saying: look at this list, with your eyes
me: ha ha ha ha. i am adding this as a postscript to the entry.

August 17, 2012

Weekends are for Many Things

Last Thursday, I walked to work wondering what I would do all weekend, as my two favourite Toronto peeps were out of town... by the end of the day, I had dinner plans for Sunday, an ultimate tournament on Saturday, and a houseguest/stranger arriving Friday evening. It was a full, eventful, and very fun weekend. I have a place to stay if/when I visit Australia, an ultimate team for the rest of the year, and what I would call a budding-friendship with the sister of a teacher from my old high school. As in, her sister was a teacher when I was a student. And not a young teacher. And it feels hardly-strange to be her friend.

This morning, a week later, I am counting down the hours (2) until I am off work. Then I am going to pick up a car, go to an appointment, run an errand, and drive away.

Due north, to cottage country, where I will read, take photos, wander in the woods, and maybe even jump in a lake.

I probably won't speak to anyone for 48 hours.

I can't wait.

August 14, 2012

Exp-hair-iment Week #3

Just thought I'd share with the world: my name is Beth and my hair is gross.*

I am not so enthused this week.

The homemade gel worked(ish), but left my hair greasy/dirty faster than the special post-shower products I'm used to. So after two days of use, I officially discontinued it.

I have a very low tolerance for dirty-feeling hair, and I don't feel like my hair is as soft or clean as it used to be. Week 1 was fantastic, but that didn't last...I don't know if it's the ratio of ingredients that need adjusting (I tried a slightly diluted cider vinegar rinse last night) or if it's something else.

My hair is either frizzy or greasy and I've hardly worn it down at all. It is looking unlikely that I will keep this going past next week, but I will wait until at least then to make the final call.

*gross is a relative term, and it's not that awful. I would guess most people wouldn't even notice.

August 8, 2012

We Are (All) Young

At 27, I sometimes feel so old.

My eyes are starting to wrinkle, and I think maybe my heart is too. Laugh lines and worry creases from years spent squinting into the future.

But I am young. Let me be young. Let me be who I am, as I am.

And please, do not leave me out.

Sometimes I have nothing to say. But it is not because I have no thoughts, no feelings. I have too many thoughts, too much feeling. 

Sometimes I am extroverted, maybe too opinionated. Please do not tell me I'm naive, that "someday" I will understand or think differently. Perhaps I will. But for today, I am here. I am not naive. I am hopeful.

I am young, but even still, my eyes see clearly. They see so much. They have already seen so much. You have seen different thingsMaybe you have seen more. 

My mother says to me one day, "You have more divorced friends than I do." There is no judgment in her words,"It must be hard for you to have hope."

This is understanding, sadness, love. My eyes fill up as I nod.

I am young, but I have something to say. I know this, because I have a voice.

You have a voice too, and therefore, things to say to me. Please, tell me your story.

I want to know we are not so different, that across generations and gender and religions and cultures are others who love Jesus but don’t always know what to do with Him, others who are compelled to create, others who sometimes wonder what it means to live well.

I want us to talk, be heard and loved, and sometimes even understood. I want the wisdom of your wrinkles and the wisdom of mine to bleed into each other and smooth the worries and pain we carry as humans. We are all young. We are people, we have not yet arrived, and we are young.

Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 2.19.15 PM

August 7, 2012

Uganda Update #11: The Photos

I have been home for four weeks; twice as long as I was gone. This seems surreal and sad. I had a lovely weekend, though, and am looking forward to this week.

Although this trip is not fully "finished" or processed in my heart, I think it's about time to give you all the photos you've been waiting for. And one video. So here they are.


top to bottom: Amsterdam, around town, in the forest, at MishMash, sunsets, riding a boda-boda

August 2, 2012

Milo Greene & Silver Lining

Tuesday night concerts are tough for me. They're cheap (or free!) but they're mid-week, and I want to be at home and in bed before midnight, because that's how I roll. I'm so grown-up.

We drank wine and ate guacamole and talked about boys and Europe and art and adorable cats named Sawyer. I felt pleased to introduce my friends to my other friends. Second time this summer I've had a concert quartet of just-introduced ladies.

Over at the Horseshoe, ID check was perfunctory.

"Do you have your cards?" We fish them out and he doesn't even look at them.

"That's the kind of carding I like!" says one friend.

The crowd is not too big and we make our way to the edge. A band called Silver Lining plays. I'm digging the accordion and think, This sounds like an east-coast house party. They later say they're from Newfoundland, and everything about them makes more sense.

The band we came to see is Milo Greene. They opened for The Civil Wars in the fall, and their harmonies were beautiful, their melodies catching, their lyrics resonated. Same story this time around.

We laugh and whisper-yell in each others' ears and dance and watch the banjo player and wonder which of the boys in the band has a crush on the solitary female.

After, we linger to chat outside before finally parting ways. I'm happy to be headed home to sleep, and I'm grateful for nights like this.

August 1, 2012

Exp-hair-iment Week #2

After a week of washing with my homemade cleansers, my hair is just as soft as before. Maybe softer. My scalp is definitely less irritated, and my curls have fantastic shape and better definition. So here are the recipes/routine:

1 c water (filtered/distilled/etc is probably best)
1 Tbsp baking soda

1 c water
1 Tbsp cider vinegar
few drops tea tree oil

The Routine
1. I store the shampoo in a spritz bottle and the conditioner in a regular little bottle.
2. In the shower, I spray the shampoo directly into my scalp, making sure I get it in the areas most prone to getting greasy (for me, crown & temples).
3. Massage it in/rub it around. It is only very slightly gritty. Mostly it feels like water, but make sure you let it exfoliate.
4. Rinse.
5. Pour conditioner through hair, roots and tips. Let it sit for a bit.
6. Rinse in cool water.

C'est tout! 

The only hair-drawback I've noticed is an increase in topp-layer frizz, BUT that is understandable as I haven't been using any gel-like products, and I have frizz with store-bought products if I don't use gel.

I'm getting set to make some flax-seed gel, but the recipes I've looked at say it will have an egg-white consistency, and that grosses me out. Shudder.

I'll post next week on how round 2 (adding leave-in conditioner & gel) go.