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Top 40 Thoughts

I listen to a lot more Top 40 than usual these days. The boys I nanny love the radio while we drive to and from school and the club. Although I am trying to introduce them to some more indie/rock style, the current reality is we listen to a lot of 99.9 and 92.5... Here are some of my thoughts on some of what we hear:

1. For someone who is supposed to be an international sensation, I don't think I have ever heard Justin Bieber on the radio. (sorry to mention him, Becca!) I find this fascinating.

2. Rihanna...she can sing. But her lyrics are too much for me. And even if they don't really catch it, I'd argue that they're too much for little kids too. "Sure, C...those are the words..." Katy Perry and Britney Spears also make it into the category of no-video-sharing from me. Bleh.

3. Usher. I heard that he was the most tweeted about person at the Superbowl, which is funny, because it's supposed to be about football. I am going to admit, I really like this song:

I like that he says, "I think I remember those - eyes, eyes, eyes." It makes me laugh a little, cause I'm pretty sure that's not what he'd remember.
Also, the line, "Thank God the week is done, I feel like a zombie gone back to life..." was going round and round in my head last night. It's how I felt.

4. I'm a big fan of the sound of Bruno Mars. Love, love his voice. And I usually approve of his lyrics. Apart from the obvious melodrama of Grenade, I like its sentiments. And I love the way he sings, "I shoulda known you was trouble from the first kiss. Had your eyes wide open - why were they open??"
Good question, Bruno.

He looks different than I expected.

5. I disliked the song Stutterin' by Fefe Dobson on first listen, but I've come partway around. I fully agree with her sentiments on dishonesty and betrayal in relationships, and I'm okay with calling guys on their crap. I just dislike the framework of stuttering. Having dated someone with a stutter and having other friends with fluency difficulties, I don't think they're something to make light of.

Ok, I just watched the music video, and the story it tells is not. what. I. expected. Hm. (The car dancing in is TOO MUCH.)

6. I'm not sure if this song really counts as "Top 40," but we heard it in the car the other day, and the lyrics stuck out differently than they had before. I didn't really expect Michael Buble to get it quite this well, but I can't get over the line, "You'll make me work so we can work to work it out..." In the bridge, he sings, "I'll work to work it out." This is a good thing, and he gets it and I want it someday. The biggest thing I dislike about the song is how he uses the word, "kid."
And who doesn't love a good grocery store dance sequence!?
(This video is sweet and simple, and probably made a lot of fans extremely happy when they saw their own photos!)


shellieos said…
Usher's dancing leaves me speechless. He could be MJ.
becca said…
oh man, beth. what if i said i'm starting to come around to wee justin? no, just kidding. i still strongly dislike him. but you're so right and i never noticed it before, i never hear him on the radio! i've been watching much music as i run on the treadmill (a fast beat makes running easier... and ignoring the pain easier) and i've only seen him in the "news" on that channel, never the vids. yet he seems to be taking over the planet. interesting.

also, i LOVE bruno mars. esp the line from grenade, "tell the devil i said hi when you get back to where you're from." ha. such wit.
Beth said…
shell - you watching the grammy's tonight!?

becca - i was scared for a second! giving in to bieber fever!?! and yes, yes on bruno mars' lyricism!

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