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Wednesday's Word: Fave Books

My friend Kirsten just blogged a list of her "Top X Books, where x = an integer between 1 and 100."

I concur with her that it is exceedingly difficult to select only 5 books to recommend. But if I were forced to choose 5 fiction books to blindly and fully endorse, I would choose:

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. A novella on the colonization of Africa, it is dark and thought-provoking. The movie Apocalypse Now is an adaptation of this book set during the Vietnam War.

Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. A novella about a little prince from another planet who meets an aviator in the middle of the desert. Beautiful and touching. Read in French, if possible.

Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt. This play fictionalizes the story of Sir Thomas More, a martyr for his faith in 16th century England. There is a terribly slow-moving film version, but it's best just to read the play. Lots to learn from it on being a person of honour and heeding your conscience.

My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok. This is the biggest novel of the bunch, and it tells the story of a gifted artist whose skill & passion is not understood by the Jewish faith community of his parents. If you like the arts or if you wonder if you fit in a faith community, this is for you.
Life After God (or anything else) by Douglas Coupland. This collection of short stories talks about life, love and what it means to be part of the first generation raised without religion. Funny and culturally in-tune. That's how I describe Coupland.

Honourable mention goes to any novel by Jane Austen. They are slow-moving, but they are the quintessential and original romantic comedies.


nadine said…
Le Petit Prince. In French. YES.

I've read almost every Coupland book EXCEPT Life After God. I have no idea why this one got left out. This needs remedying....
Laura J said…
I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. Heart of Darkness is probably the book I have hated most in my entire life. I wrote a paper on it in University without even reading it 'cause I hated it so much.
Beth said…
laura. how can you hate it so much when you haven't even READ IT!?!?!

that's it. this is over.
Laura J said…
I tried reading that stupid book and couldn't get through it so I made up my paper instead of repeatedly wanting to poke my eyes out while trying to read it. However, I have had it on my shelf since 1990 and just put it in a box to get rid of it LAST NIGHT! I must enjoy toting torture from house to house.

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